What is Innoweave?

Innoweave helps passionate leaders of successful community organizations learn about, select, and implement new tools and approaches to generate greater impact and advance their missions.

Each approach has its own module, which is described below.

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The Innoweave Modules

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    Announcing Seniors SI!

    Seniors SI is a new partnership with the Government of Canada to help communities across Canada generate, implement, and scale socially innovative community level approaches to reduce the social isolation of seniors. To learn more about bringing Seniors SI to your community, contact us at or visit

    Interested in generating greater impact? Check out our 2015 Spring Events Calendar!

    Innoweave helps organizations move from idea to action, through a 5-step process that supports nine practical tools for social innovation. Looking to enhance your impact in the new year? Attend a full-day workshop with your leadership team, and commit to building a strategy to make your idea a reality!

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    April 8, 2015

    Looking to Enhance Your Organization’s Impact? Attend an Innoweave Workshop in Spring 2015!

    Are you interested in learning about new approaches to social innovation? Considering implementing practical tools to further your organization’s impact goals? If so, check out Innoweave’s upcoming scheduled events to find the right opportunity in your area. Innoweave is proud to partner with many organizations across the country to offer  info-sessions, webinars, and workshops this […]

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    March 30, 2015

    NEW Case Study: The Swim Guide, a mobile app and social enterprise

    Encouraging sustainability, improving public health, and connecting local businesses with beachgoers, all on one platform! Lake Ontario Waterkeeper was founded in 2001 in the wake of the Walkerton tragedy, which saw 2,500 residents of the small Ontario town fall ill, and seven eventually died after consuming E. coli contaminated drinking water. Established with the help […]

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    December 17, 2014

    Social Enterprise: Adding to your “tool box”.

    By David LePage, Principal, Accelerating Social Impact. The other day a handy man came to our office to fix a plumbing problem. We showed him the leaky faucet, that last week was just a tiny occasional drip.  He started by opening his toolbox and pulling out a huge hammer! Of course we asked: “is that […]

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