Social Enterprise: Highlights From Recent Implementers!

Since 2013, Innoweave has supported organizations’ design and implementation of new social enterprises to address gaps in their communities and enhance the impact they create. To date, Innoweave has supported the design and launch of more than 80 social enterprises that use innovative business models to create positive social impacts across Canada.

This month, we’re happy to share updates on a few of these social enterprises!

A full list of the organizations that we have supported through our social enterprise module can be found here.


Meet The Latest Innoweave Implementers

Last month, we highlighted some of the latest organizations and collaboratives that have received Innoweave coaching support.

This month, we are happy to announce more organizations and collaboratives that are receiving support from Innoweave.


Implementation Funding: Some tips for applicants!

As we get closer to the next deadline for applications to Innoweave Implementation Funding on January 3rd, we want to share some tips for organizations planning to submit an application. We look for a few key elements in the applications submitted, and the more your application can clearly show these characteristics, the stronger your application will be.