Workshop Information

The Innoweave Cloud Computing Workshop helps community organizations understand, select, and implement cloud-based technology solutions that enable them to work more efficiently and effectively while lowering costs. The workshop will help leadership teams to:
  • Clarify what they want to achieve with cloud computing applications and analyze the benefits and risks of transitioning some or all of their technology infrastructure to the cloud;
  • Make more informed decisions about technology procurement;
  • Identify a range of options, and develop selection criteria to use for evaluation;
  • Estimate the total cost of ownership for implementing a cloud-based or hybrid technology approach; 
  • Design a technology strategy that aligns with their organization’s mission, culture, and available resources.
The pre-workshop webinar includes important information on the key concepts which are used during the workshop. All participants are required to be familiar with this material prior to attending the workshop.
Organizations that have participated in an Innoweave Cloud Computing workshop and are clear on the both goals that they hope to achieve with cloud computing and how they can use coaching to implement cloud computing will be eligible to apply for Innoweave Cloud Computing Implementation Funding. Read more about the funding process here.