Hugh Brodie

Robitaille Brodie Community Strategies
Based in Montreal, QC, serving organizations across the Metropolitan Montreal and Ottawa areas

Hugh has been involved in the non-profit sector and public institutions at a managerial level for over twenty years. His experience includes fundraising, communications, strategic planning and community relations in such pivotal community institutions as McGill University, the Montreal Childrens’ Hospital Foundation and the McGill University Health Centre Foundation. His special projects, community partnerships and communications work at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation involved working with hundreds of special project partners and community leaders to implement projects impacting hundreds of institutions and hundreds of thousands of participants. All of these goal-oriented projects operated in a fluid environment requiring ongoing consultation and adaptation to changing conditions. His principal interests and passions are in the education, health care and non-profit sectors and in implementing collaborative community projects that contribute to bettering society. Hugh is most recognised for convening organisations and people, identifying common issues and securing the collaborative use of resources, as well as efficient, effective project and operational management.