Margot Smart

Colbeck Strategic Advisors |

Margot advises non-profit organizations and foundations in Canada on how to achieve greater strategic clarity. Based in Calgary, she is the co-founder of Colbeck Strategic Advisors, a firm focused on supporting social sector leaders to make more informed strategic decisions to increase their social impact. Her clients work on issues as diverse as education, health, food security, immigration, youth skills development and social finance, among many others.

Margot brings more than a decade of experience working as a coach, advisor, facilitator, and strategist with non-profit organizations and foundations ranging from start-ups to large, established entities. She began her career with Oliver Wyman, a strategy and operations consulting firm, where she worked with large international organizations, including UNICEF, WHO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in the field of global health. She went on to serve as Manager of the President’s Office for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, where she was responsible for strategic initiatives and evaluation at the national level. Since then, she has worked with and consulted to a variety of Canadian organizations on issues of strategy and performance measurement.

In addition to her professional background in non-profit management, Margot has extensive voluntary experience at home and abroad. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

In 2012, Margot and her Colbeck partner and co-founder, Robin Cory, were selected and trained by The Bridgespan Group to deliver the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation’s Impact and Strategic Clarity program, a module of Innoweave. Since then, they have delivered the program to more than a dozen Canadian organizations, including: