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Register today for an Innoweave workshop in 2014!

Innoweave continues to convene leadership teams in workshops, webinars and other events. Applications are open for numerous workshop opportunities beginning in January 2014. Full details about our workshops and registration can be found on our Upcoming Workshops page.

Cloud Computing:

Collective Impact:

Developmental Evaluation:

Impact & Strategic Clarity:

  • Applications for the five-month process are open to organizations across the country until January 6th

Outcomes Finance:

Social Finance:

We are still considering additional workshops for this season. Please contact if you are interested in bringing an Innoweave workshop to your community. Teams that attend an Innoweave workshop are invited to apply for an implementation grant. We are accepting grant applications from teams who attended a workshop in 2013 until January 6th – learn more here.

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How Innoweave Works

You’ve heard it so often, it’s become a cliche: “Work smarter, not harder”.

But how?

For most NFPs, this advice is about as useful as saying, “Be careful” to someone who’s about to jump out of an airplane. Of course they want to be, but without specific advice, they’re basically… well… winging it.

Let’s be frank: there’s no shortage of good ideas out there. And as lifelong learners, most of us find the idea of deepening our knowledge base attractive. But there’s a difference between knowing more and actually using your knowledge in a concrete way to work better.

That’s where Innoweave comes in.

With 8 tightly targeted modules and a process designed to help NFPs answer key questions before they ever spend a minute in training, our focus is on RESULTS. Because we understand that learning about something isn’t nearly as useful if it isn’t directly helping you be more effective in changing the world.

Not everybody needs help with every aspect we teach. So you can choose the module that best speaks to the issues your organization is struggling with.

So here’s our process:


Reminder: Innoweave Implementation Grant Applications Due January 6, 2014

If you have attended an Innoweave workshop, there’s still time to apply for funding to work with an Innoweave coach!

Innoweave is currently accepting applications for the second wave of Implementation Grants. Funds awarded will help organizations access coaching to implement Cloud Computing, Developmental Evaluation, Social Enterprise, and Social Finance tools and approaches in their organizations.

Organizations that have participated in an Innoweave workshop are invited to apply directly by:

  • Creating a 2-3 page project plan for the module of your choice (templates are available here)

  • Clicking here to create a new Innoweave Application. Don’t forget to attach your project plan, and click submit when you have completed the applications forms!

We encourage organizations to first connect with a coach they might like to work with, and develop this plan in consultation with that coach. Full applications for this round are due on January 6, 2014.

Applications for a grant to participate in the fourth cohort of our Impact and Strategic Clarity Module, a five-month facilitated coaching process which will begin in early 2014, are also being accepted until January 6th. To apply, visit, create a new Innoweave Application and select Module: Impact and Strategic Clarity. This cohort will be led by our Certified Innoweave Impact Coaches.

More information about the grant process can be found on our Grant FAQ page. If you have any additional questions, please contact

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