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Meet Our Newest Impact and Strategic Clarity Alumni!

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On September 23rd and 24th, Innoweave organized Celebrations in Ottawa and Montreal to recognize the significant achievements of recent Innoweave Impact & Strategic Clarity (ISC) module graduates. Hosted by United Way Ottawa and Santropol Roulant, 10 organizations presented their journey through Innoweave’s Impact & Strategic Clarity process.

As we have heard time and again, success for a nonprofit begins with a clear and measurable intended impact. Since November 2012, over 90 Canadian community sector organizations have completed the 5-month process to help them understand the impact they’re having, and the opportunities to take that impact to the next level. Through the ISC module, Certified Impact Coaches help organizations develop a comprehensive response to a simple question:“What impact does our organization want to have in our community over the next 3-5 years”?

As you’ll see below, each organization came away from the 5-month coaching process with some clear aha moments and a greater sense of how they can be the change they want to see in the world. Read on to hear about how these organizations are having an impact.



UWCs Deepen Work with Innoweave: How you can partner to bring value to your community!

In Canada’s community sector, business as usual isn’t enough to deliver the results we need. That’s why Innoweave is working closely with United Way Centraides and their member agencies to help the movement deliver lasting impacts in communities across Canada.

Innoweave is a national, multi-funder initiative launched in 2012 by the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation that helps community organizations clarify their impact, align their activities to outcomes, and focus on continuously growing and improving. Innoweave’s relationship has grown with many United Way Centraides over this time.  By working together we have helped  hundreds of member agencies in the UWC network begin to innovate and enhance their ability to achieve concrete community results.

Innoweave provides the community with value-added, cost effective tools for innovation. Opportunities to engage with coaches, ability to support learning and access to grants all elevate the Innoweave experience making them a great partner to work with.

– Talia Bell, Manager of Evaluation and Operations, United Way Calgary