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Blog Series: The Tools of Strategic Clarity – Part 1

Quick arithmetic: Building an Intended Impact Statement

How can we ensure we’re positioned to have an impact on the issues we care about most?

As a new year begins, nonprofit sector thought leaders are asking questions about fundamental shifts, emerging trends and options for investing in their future. It’s clear that nonprofits have “impact” on the brain, driven by questions of how to envision, measure, and ultimately achieve demonstrable progress on the issues and systems close to their hearts (and mandates!)

It’s no secret that social purpose organizations are faced with problems that are large, complex and often difficult to solve. Add in the common resource constraints (pressure to reduce overhead, shifting donor expectations), and the challenge becomes even more daunting. In the process of working with more more than 1,000 nonprofits and collaboratives on increasing their impact, we’ve learned that developing an intended impact statement is a powerful first step to ensure accountability for specific outcomes that align to your overall mission.