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New Video: Sharing & Imagining Together: Creating Large-Scale Change for Youth in Ontario

Innoweave is excited to share the a new video to showcase Youth CI – our approach to using Collective Impact to improve outcomes for youth in communities across Ontario. Innoweave is proud to be partnered with Laidlaw Foundation on this initiative, with the support of the Government of Ontario. Check out the great work of some Youth CI collaboratives in the video below!

Youth CI Video – Jan 2016 from J.W. McConnell Family Foundation on Vimeo.

Fostering Evidence-Based Decision-Making in a Nonprofit: Family Services Ottawa

Family Services Ottawa (FSO) provides counselling services and educational programs to help children, adults and their families gain improved mental health, emotional well-being and social connections.  FSO’s leadership team recently completed Innoweave’s Impact and Strategic Clarity module – a 6-month coaching process in which organizations clarify what they aim to achieve, how they will achieve it, and how to measure their success.

In this interview, FSO’s Executive Director Kathryn Hill talks to their ISC coach, Linda Graupner, about how the process has helped to break down program silos, fostered an organizational culture of evidence-based decision-making, and given the organization confidence to communicate clearly the impact it is having.


What motivated you to seek Impact and Strategic Clarity coaching?  

Kathryn:  Like most organizations, we had a strategic plan with all the usual strategies:  raise more funds, be more innovative, provide excellent service and so on.  We collected data on our various programs, and did customer satisfaction surveys. We collected different data for different programs, which made it difficult to communicate our impact across all programs. We wanted more clarity about how our different programs work together and what sort of impact we were having on people’s lives.   We wondered about the many different programs we offered; external sources often challenged us to be more singularly focused in our service delivery offerings. We had our own assumptions about this, but wanted to be able to base our decisions on hard evidence.  We liked the way that the Innoweave module would help us develop a theory of change and then test it using real data and external evidence.