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Celebrating Five Years of Innoweave Implementation Funding

How time flies! 2018 marks a significant milestone for Innoweave. In 2012, we began offering our cornerstone module, Impact and Strategic Clarity. Then, in 2013, we broadened our platform of social innovation modules and began supporting groups in new areas like developmental evaluation and social enterprise. As such, 2018 marks our fifth anniversary of Innoweave Implementation Funding on this full platform!

Innoweave funding gives community organizations and collectives the opportunity to work with coaches to design and implement social innovation approaches in their work. To date, we’ve awarded 449 grants to organizations and collectives across Canada, each intent on having a greater impact on socioeconomic and environmental challenges affecting our communities.

Innoweave has been a constantly evolving program. We’re dedicated to trying new ideas and adapting our services to fit what works best for the organizations we support. As we look back over the past five years, we see a great deal of change and learning.

Take a look at some of our blogs below, drawn from the past five years, to learn a bit about how Innoweave became what it is today.


Introducing Innoweave Implementers!

Last month, we introduced some of the latest organizations that are receiving Innoweave coaching support. This month we’re proud to announce more recipients of coaching support!

Since 2012, hundreds of organizations and collectives have accessed coaching support to implement a range of social innovation tools and generate greater impact.