A New Model for Webinars!

There are a lot of good reasons to attend an Innoweave webinar:

  • Connect with experts and better understand the nine approaches on offer; 
  • Participate in a preparatory online discussion forum before investing the time in an in person workshop; or 
  • Use them to jumpstart community dialogue.

Innoweave has hosted 17 webinars over the past year, connecting organizations across Canada to 9 new approaches for enhancing your impact. Each webinar offers a chance to access our modules and learn from an expert – but what the Victoria Community Funders’ Network did this past March was really unique! Through an Introduction to Collective Impact webinar, the Funders Network jumpstarted a community dialogue on Collective Impact by bringing participants together in satellite viewing locations. Facilitated by Michelle Colussi from the Canadian Centre for Community Renewal, this session provided a unique and memorable experience to participants logging in across the City of Victoria…

Innoweave webinars provide organizations with access to module experts and practitioners, to develop a better understanding of a particular approach and a clearer idea of how they might implement it. Typically, participants sign up to join the discussion through their computer and/or phone, learn about an approach (such as Collective Impact), and prepare to attend a workshop. In fact, you can sign up here for an Introduction to Innoweave webinar on June 25th!

So why was this webinar different?

The Victoria Community Funders’ Network expressed a keen interest in running a Collective Impact webinar and workshop, in response to growing community awareness of the potential to advance collective impact initiatives across multiple issue areas. Jumping on the opportunity to leverage the webinar for enhanced community dialogue, the Funders’ Network wanted to give organizations in Victoria the option of viewing the webinar with other organizations working in similar issue areas, across multiple locations in Victoria. The idea would be to use the webinar as an entry point for broader conversations on specific issue areas ripe for a collective impact approach, such as food security and childhood development.

“Working collectively rests on a bedrock of trust and positive relationships among collaborators”, says Marg Rose of the Victoria Foundation. “The Victoria Funders’ Network provided free venues and facilitators to enable local participants to view the first  Innoweave webinar in person, and hosted break out discussions after the presentation, as a way to build bridges between groups working in the same sector.”

On March 19th, over 70 participants dialed-in from 8 different locations across Victoria, to attend in-person dialogue sessions coinciding with the webinar.  Along with the 127 online attendees, this was clearly a model that resonated. Viewing sites included the Victoria Cool Aid Society, the United Way of Greater Victoria, VanCity, the Victoria Foundation, Telus, Ready to Rent, the Provincial Employee Services Community Fund, and the Sooke Child, Youth and Family Centre.

As the webinar ended, local discussions began…

In most locations, groups discussed the ideas and learnings surfaced in the webinar and how they would apply to population level outcomes each group was trying to achieve. Through this organic dialogue, groups were able to apply the concepts and ideas generated from the webinar directly to their discussions.

“This blend of expert input by distributed learning on the webinar, coupled with an opportunity to reflect and open up face-to-face communication, led to exciting possibility thinking”, says Rose. “The positive combination is a blend that other locations may also consider in encouraging this very important approach to maximizing impact.”

Through partnerships with groups like the Victoria Community Funders’ Network, Innoweave strives to provide innovative and impactful support to Canada’s community sector. If you or your organization are interested in partnering to host a webinar or workshop, please contact us at