Become an Innoweave Coach

We are currently inviting coaches with expertise in an area supported by Innoweave and an understanding of the non-profit sector to apply to join the Innoweave coaching pool. Each qualified applicant will be listed on this site as a coach for one or more of the following modules: Social Enterprise, Cloud Computing, Developmental Evaluation, and Social Finance.

Innoweave will make the list of coaches available community organizations in our network that are looking for implementation support, including those that have attended Innoweave workshops. Interested organizations can then contact coaches directly to discuss possible projects.

Additionally, Innoweave will be offering grants to community organizations to help enable them to contract coaches. It is anticipated that the first wave of grants will be awarded in Summer 2013.

Click here to fill out a short application to become an Innoweave coach. The information that you enter will be used to create a personal profile that will appear on

The Innoweave coaching pool aims to provide community organizations with easy access to information on the experts that may be able to help them. If you are aware of any existing databases that profile experts in your field, please let us know. We also ask that you forward this invitation to others in your network who may be interested in becoming Innoweave coaches.

If you have any questions, please contact