How Innoweave Works

You’ve heard it so often, it’s become a cliche: “Work smarter, not harder”.

But how?

For most NFPs, this advice is about as useful as saying, “Be careful” to someone who’s about to jump out of an airplane. Of course they want to be, but without specific advice, they’re basically… well… winging it.

Let’s be frank: there’s no shortage of good ideas out there. And as lifelong learners, most of us find the idea of deepening our knowledge base attractive. But there’s a difference between knowing more and actually using your knowledge in a concrete way to work better.

That’s where Innoweave comes in.

With 8 tightly targeted modules and a process designed to help NFPs answer key questions before they ever spend a minute in training, our focus is on RESULTS. Because we understand that learning about something isn’t nearly as useful if it isn’t directly helping you be more effective in changing the world.

Not everybody needs help with every aspect we teach. So you can choose the module that best speaks to the issues your organization is struggling with.

So here’s our process:

  1. WEB: You go to our website and learn about each tool via our written synopses and recorded webinars. At this point, you’ll probably already have a few insights about your process and may be intrigued but still unsure. Proceed to Step 2.
  2. SELF ASSESSMENT: We have a 5-question questionnaire and will give you feedback that should help you further determine your level of interest and what module will best help you meet your goal.
  3. WORKSHOP: Next, a leadership team from your organization can attend a workshop (we lead them all over Canada) based on the specific module that you’ve identified as an area of learning for you.
  4. COACHING: Of course, our entire goal is to help you implement what you’ve learned so far and work it into your day to day. We invite you to choose from our database of 80+  skilled coaches who will spend the next few months helping you make your plans a reality.
  5. FUNDING: We realize that many NFPs may not have the means to hire a coach, so we provide grants. Make sure to apply by our Jan 6, 2014 deadline to ensure your organization gets the funding it needs.

Think we can help you? Let’s get started. Simply click on the module that you’d like to explore further and let us walk you through the process.

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