Innoweave Fall Update

Innoweave continues to convene leadership teams in workshops, webinars and other events. In September, Innoweave hosted two workshops:

Teams at the first Collective Impact Workshop in Toronto delved into the challenge of identifying potential partners, creating engagement strategies, and building a common agenda. Over the course of the day, each team completed a series of exercises designed to help them develop their collective impact initiative more fully.

“Our team was well versed in the area of Collective Impact but we attended the conference hoping to get the “PhD” version of Collective Impact which is exactly what we received!” said Amy Palmer of Lenawee United Way, whose teams is looking to improve food distribution in their county. “The workshop provided us with the knowledge, skills, tools, and resources we needed to start moving the needle on issues in our community.”

Innoweave teams and coaches in the second wave of the Impact and Strategic Clarity module have also been busy putting the final touches on their Theories of Change, with most teams coming to the end of their 6-month facilitated coaching process. On September 25th, Innoweave held a wrap up event in Montreal with a few of these organizations from Montreal and Ottawa areas. Santropol Roulant hosted the event, which provided an opportunity for Communautique, YOUCAN Youth Services and Wapikoni Mobile to share their theories of change. A special thanks to Innoweave Coaches Lara Evoy and Stephanie Garrow for organizing this, and to Sally Fazal, for making the trip in to share her experience and celebrate with the other teams.


Innoweave Impact Strategic Clarity Coaches and teams at Santropol Roulant on September 25th. (Photo credit: Kim Auclair)

Finally, Innoweave is increasing its webinars. On September 13th, over 250 organizations participated in the Introduction to Social Enterprise webinar, offered in English by David LePage of ENP and in French by Luc Morin and Éthel Côté of the Conseil de la coopération de l’Ontario and CCRC. The Social Enterprise webinars were recorded and are now online and available for viewing here. On September 26th, Innoweave, Grantbook and Social Innovation Generation (SiG) partnered to offer the final Cloud Computing webinar, the third in a series of three webinars now available for viewing here. Future webinars are planned on Collective Impact, Developmental Evaluation, and Scaling Impact. Details are available here.