Introducing the Newcomers Cohort!

Innoweave’s national platform supports organizations across Canada on almost any issue area, but through special partnerships we also engage with specific domains like Seniors, Youth, and Homelessness, to provide customized support and get traction to move the needle on challenging issues. There is real potential for leveraging innovations and strong partnerships in these focused areas, and great capacity to build on the collective interest around combating a particular issue.

We are excited to introduce our latest domain-specific cohort of organizations. Innoweave has recently partnered with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to run an initiative supporting Newcomer-serving collaboratives across the country.

Innoweave first worked with Newcomer-supporting organizations through our Collective Impact module, and building off the great work done by groups like the South Okanagan Similkameen Local Immigration Partnership, Innoweave has designed a suite of custom supports based on our Collective Impact, Impact & Strategic Clarity, and Developmental Evaluation content to support other community collaboratives across the country.

With a mix of flexible supports, including workshops, coaching and grants, these collaboratives will have the opportunity to explore innovative tools and approaches that can help them achieve greater impact. This includes identifying measurable impact goals and aligning activities to better achieve them, experimenting with new approaches like ethnography and prototyping, or putting together new strategic plans for collaborative learning, adaptation and evaluation.

With the help of our coach network, Innoweave will be able to support Newcomer groups across Canada. Coaches like Sally Fazal at Social Impact Advisors will be working one-on-one with local immigration partnerships on this important work.

Social Impact Advisors is proud to be associated with the Foundation’s work with IRCC and the Local Immigration Partnerships in Ontario. We’re working through a structured process with LIP teams–stepping back and thinking strategically about what defines success–and developing strategies and practical action together to improve the settlement experience. What do we really mean by full civic and economic participation? What does a welcoming community do? Who needs to be at the table for this to work?  It’s exciting to work with Newcomers, agencies, community members and leaders on building welcoming communities, and so rewarding to see the enthusiasm and new ideas people bring to co-creating what a bright future can be.  We’re glad to be a part of it, and we’re confident that focusing on impact will make change happen.

– Sally Fazal, Social Impact Advisors

More than a dozen groups across Canada are working in this cohort and will continue to partner with Innoweave over the coming months to identify their unique needs and develop custom plans for improving the lives of Newcomers in Canada. We look forward to sharing some of their stories with you soon.

For more information about the Newcomers cohort, please contact us at