What is Innoweave, Really?

FSG recently posted a blog entitled “How to Explain Collective Impact to your Mom“. For those of us who have trouble explaining our programs and initiatives without using one or more buzzwords, this title may ring true. Innoweave ¬†helps non-profit organizations implement practical tools for social innovation – a notion that is straightforward to some, but to others, may result in some head-scratching. The Innoweave elevator speech becomes even more complex when we start to describe some of the tools and approaches we are trying to introduce: social finance, cloud computing, social enterprise, developmental evaluation, and collective impact.

In FSG’s blog post, Jeff Edmondson suggested that a succinct explanation can be achieved by focusing on the ultimate goal we are seeking to accomplish. Innoweave’s goal is to help non-profit organizations work more efficiently and effectively, thereby increasing their impact. Each one of the tools and approaches disseminated through the Innoweave platform helps to enable this goal. For example, cloud computing helps organizations better collect, store and share information, freeing up staff time to focus on more important things. Developmental evaluation allows organizations to interpret data on a new initiative or project in real-time, allowing for continuous adaptation and improvement. ¬†Social enterprise opens up the door to revenue-generating activities that can help advance the mission of a non-profit organization while diversifying and strengthening its funding base. Focusing on the end goal of these tools and approaches can make them more real to the organizations we are trying to reach.

For more information on the different tools or approaches you may want to apply to your organization, visit the Modules page.