Innoweave offers two types of coaching services to organizations that have attended an Innoweave Collective Impact Workshop. To access coaching, organizations should be clear on the goals that they hope to achieve with Collective Impact and the assistance that they require to develop their strategy for impact, build their collaborative and get ready to implement. 

Collective Impact Development Coaching

Organizations that have participated in an Innoweave Collective Impact Workshop 1 and are ready to move forward with their collective impact initiative will automatically be considered for up to $5,000 of customized coaching based on the work that they submit following the workshop.

Organizations that are unable to attend a workshop, but can demonstrate a similar stage of readiness, can also access coaching through an Expression of Interest process. Contact for details.

Collective Impact Planning Coaching

Organizations that have participated in an Innoweave Collective Impact Workshop 2 and are clear on both the goals that they hope to achieve with Collective Impact and how they can use coaching to help them achieve this will automatically be considered for up to $10,000 of customized coaching based on the work that they submit following the workshop. This coaching may run in tandem with Launch Funding, should groups choose to apply for it. Planning coaching may also be completed before applying to the Launch phase.

Available Coaches

The following individuals have self-identified as Innoweave Collective Impact coaches. As they have not been vetted by Innoweave, organizations are encouraged to assess whether one or more may be a good fit to address their needs. (Note: coaches are being added to this list on a regular basis. Coaches can sign up here to be added.)

A full list of coaches which can be sorted for comparison purposes can be found here (please select the Collective Impact tab at the bottom of the sheet).

The following coaches provide services in French and English (please click on the coach’s name to open or close their profile on this page):

  • Ethel Côté

    Presently, this content is only available in French. Innoweave is working hard to make all pages available in both official languages.

    mécènESS |
    Situé en Ottawa, ON, au service des organisations d'Ottawa

    Entrepreneure sociale, agente de changement, développeure en coopérative certifiée, formatrice certifiée en transition, coach en entreprise sociale à Innoweave et à Stimulus des entreprises sociales d'Ottawa, mentor à Empowerment UN, innovatrice et leader en développement d’entreprises collectives, fondatrice de mécènESS, Ethel Côté est impliquée en développement des communautés et particulièrement en économie sociale et solidaire depuis une trentaine d'années. Read more...

  • Hugh Brodie

    Robitaille Brodie Community Strategies
    Based in Montreal, QC, serving organizations across the Metropolitan Montreal and Ottawa areas

    Hugh has been involved in the non-profit sector and public institutions at a managerial level for over twenty years. His experience includes fundraising, communications, strategic planning and community relations in such pivotal community institutions as McGill University, the Montreal Childrens’ Hospital Foundation and the McGill University Health Centre Foundation. His special projects, community partnerships and communications work at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation involved working with hundreds of special project partners and community leaders to implement projects impacting hundreds of institutions and hundreds of thousands of participants. Read more...

  • Joël Marier

    Socius recherche et conseils |
    Located in Gatineau, QC, serving organizations across Canada

    Joël Marier has had a career of some thirty years as a senior executive in the non-profit and charitable sector. Until recently, he directed Hostelling International-Canada. He has demonstrated his leadership among various coalitions and federations in Quebec, Canada and internationally, working in the youth, leisure, and tourism sectors.. Read more...

  • Ken Hoffman

    One World Inc. |
    Based in Oakville, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Ken is a Principal with One World Inc., a bilingual, Ottawa-based management consulting firm that specializes in effective stakeholder engagement and facilitation to create environments that support innovation and learning. He has 25 years experience in the development and management of complex initiatives in community health and community development at the local, provincial, national and international level. Read more...

  • Marc L. Johnson

    Socius recherche et
    Situé à Gatineau, QC

    Presently, this page is only available in French. Innoweave is working hard to make all pages available in both official languages.

    Marc L. Johnson exerce depuis une trentaine d’années comme consultant auprès des organismes communautaires, conseils scolaires, gouvernements et universités. Préoccupé d’innovation, de justice sociale et d’égalité, Marc est très actif auprès des communautés francophones en situation minoritaire au Canada, mais aussi d’autres minorités à caractère autochtone et ethnoculturel ailleurs dans le monde (Palestine, Kosovo, Guatemala). En savoir plus...

  • Nancy Pole

    Based in North Bay and Ottawa, serving organizations in Ontario

    In over 20 years working in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, Nancy Pole has developed and led multi-sector networks, coalitions and partnerships, and convened innovative place-based funder collaborations. Read more...

  • Rebecca Sutherns

    Based in Guelph, ON, serving organizations in Waterloo, ON; Guelph, ON; Cambridge, ON; and across Canada

    Rebecca is a Certified Professional Facilitator, coach and consultant based in Guelph, Ontario. Her business ( specializes in providing customized facilitation and coaching services to the community benefit sector, serving clients in health, education, social services and community development for 17 years. Read more...

  • Roger Auge

    AIM 2000 Inc. Canada |
    Based in Espanola, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Roger Auge, at 49 years old is the current President of Caisse Desjardins Vermillon of Sudbury. He has acted as either President or Vice-President for the past 6 years, and has been a member of the board of 2 different Caisse Populaires for 19 years. Read more...

  • Stephanie Guico |
    Based in Montreal, QC serving organizations in Montreal and across Canada

    I have been a backbone leader for the past two years, spearheading the NYC Worker Cooperative Coalition and bringing this group of 29 organizations and multiple external stakeholders. With my leadership, they developed trust and collaboration, achieved alignment, a common agenda, a shared vision and tangible goals towards the development of a suitable business ecosystems for worker cooperatives. Read more...

The following coaches provide services in French (please click on the coach’s name to open or close their profile on this page):

  • Germaine Chevrier

    Coop Interface |
    Montréal, QC

    J’ai développé mon expertise grâce à une implication professionnelle de plus de trente (30) ans dans différentes organisations communautaires et sociales. Depuis 2008, c’est en tant que travailleuse autonome que je leur offre des services de consultation et d’accompagnement. Fille de la mer, j’aime naviguer à travers les réalités et les défis des organisations en les aidant à tenir le cap pour se rendre à bon port. Ma formation en éducation spécialisée et en intervention me permet de bien cerner les relations interpersonnelles et de maximiser les forces de chacun pour aboutir à des réalisations collectives. Read more...

  • Pascal Billard

    (This information is only available in French at this time.)

    SOL-AIR Consultants |
    Situé à Alfred, ON, au service des organisations de partout au Canada

    Pascal Billard a obtenu son baccalauréat en gestion d'entreprise en France. Ayant œuvré dans trois continents (Afrique, Europe, Amérique du Nord), il a participé à la conception et à la gestion de nombreux projets visant le développement durable dans les secteurs de l’agroalimentaire et de l’environnement. Très engagé dans le mouvement coopératif, il a aidé la création de nombreuses coopératives et entreprises sociales, principalement dans le domaine agroalimentaire. Il est actuellement président de CoopZone, un réseau canadien de développeurs de coopératives, et vice-président de l’Alliance Économique Francophone. Read more...

The following coaches provide services in English (please click on the coach’s name to open or close their profile on this page):

  • Alain Legault

    Sudbury & District Health
    Based in Sudbury, ON serving organizations in Sudbury and Manitoulin Districts

    I have been working in the social services sector for over 10 years in different capacities. I have worked collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams and agencies and I have also worked in programs that ran in silos. Isolated programs were specific to a certain disability and were geared to treat that specific disability. Programs that had a collaborative approach helped children and youth, parents, families, and the community as a whole. Read more...

  • Allison Prieur

    DARE Impact Consulting |
    Based in Windsor, ON, serving organizations in Windsor and Essex County

    DARE Impact Consulting was created in 2016 to help human service organizations measure and improve impact. We provide a customized option for program design and evaluation, with a variety of services that can be tailored to the needs of your organization. Read more...

  • Andrew Stegemann
    Based in Vancouver, BC, serving organizations across Canada

    Andrew Stegemann is a skilled facilitator who provides strategic impact planning, capacity building and collective impact services to mission-driven organizations. With over a decade of experience, Andrew has worked with many organizations including collective impact initiatives, non-profits, foundations, and government organizations in addition to his time leading the grantmaking of both the Pacific Salmon Foundation and Mountain Equipment Co-op. Andrew also holds a Master of Resource Management (Planning) degree from SFU. Read more...

  • Barbara McMillan

    All About Impact  |
    Based in West Vancouver, BC serving organizations across Canada

    Barbara McMillan is a Vancouver-based consultant focused on building organizational capacity and fostering strategies for collaboration to increase impact and sustainability. With her in-depth experience in partnership and network development; governance and planning; strategic community investment; program development, management and evaluation; and networks for change, she brings practical knowledge and tools to assist organizations to increase their capacity and effectiveness. Read more...

  • Blythe Butler

    Based in Calgary, AB serving organizations in Alberta

    I have consulted clients in all aspects of collective impact, including:

    • facilitating the process of the development of a common agenda
    • determining and building capacity to support Shared Measurement execution. Read more...
  • Bob Yates

    Yates, Thorn & Associates |
    Based in Victoria, BC, serving organizations across Canada

    Bob Yates is a leader in innovative community planning and is continually striving to improve the quality of communities. For 25 years, Bob has been working across the spectrum of community social and economic planning in all regions of Canada. Ensuring Collective Impact is what Bob has been doing for many years.

    Bob is noted in particular for his innovative processes, his desire to connect silos and promote collaboration, and for his commitment to community engagement. His company Yates, Thorn & Associates is a member of the Alberta and Canadian Recreation and Parks Associations, the BC and Canadian Institute of Planners, and the International Play Association. Read more...

  • Carol Kotacka
    Based in Mississauga, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Carol Kotacka is a results oriented strategist with extensive experience in strategy development and execution, stakeholder engagement and leading collaborative teams to drive collective impact and population health outcomes. With corporate and public sector experience, Carol has developed and executed operational strategies on a national and international level along with leading initiatives focused on regional, provincial and federal outcomes. Read more...

  • Chantell Tunney

    Impact Matters Consulting
    Based in Oakville, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Chantell comes with over 18 years of diverse healthcare experience as a consultant, clinician, and executive leader in healthcare and non-profit strategy. She has unique experience in having worked at both the provider and system level, allowing her to easily develop and adapt solutions that meet multi-stakeholder needs. Most recently, Chantell was the Vice President, Health System Planning and Engagement for the Central Local Health Integration Network where led system strategy and redesign as part of the new Patients First legislation. She was also the Chief Executive Officer for Ronald McDonald House Hamilton, and in 2012 led the $15m capital redevelopment and expansion of the charity. Read more...

  • Charlotte Young

    ENVision...synergy/PICTURE your
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving all of Canada and the United States, with emphasis on Ontario and Toronto

    A seasoned collaboration specialist, Charlotte Young, Ph.D. coaches, designs and leads participatory problem solving and visual thinking sessions, focusing on quality of life sectors, including environment/ sustainability, health/ wellness/ social justice, and culture/ creativity. Read more...

  • Christa Romaldi
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations in Toronto

    Christa has spent the last two years working with Collective Impact Toronto Youth (CITY) to develop their governance structure, working relationships, common agenda, and evaluation plan. She has provided insight into the development of the theory of change that is guiding CITY’s evaluation plan. In addition, Christa has participated in numerous collaborative projects, including AVNU, a collaborative table of 9 organizations providing capacity building supports to youth living in disadvantaged communities. Read more...

  • D'Andre Wilson-Ihejirika

    Based in Fort McMurray, AB, serving organizations in Alberta and across Canada

    D'Andre Wilson-Ihejirika is a social entrepreneur with degrees in chemical engineering and financial engineering. Read more...

  • David Feldman

    Based in Edmonton, AB, serving organizations across Canada

    David Feldman is an organizational health consultant who focuses on aligning leadership, structure, and culture within organizations, leadership teams, and multi-stakeholder groups. As a facilitator, David has developed a practice around helping complex decision-making teams, such as boards and executive teams, to utilize their differences as the organization's biggest assets in driving their innovation and problem-solving. Read more...

  • David Roewade
    Based in Waterloo, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    David has worked on achieving impact through collective action on a number of environmental and public health topics such as pesticide reduction, air pollution and climate change. His coaching has helped ad hoc community groups and non-profit organizations develop partnerships, project plans and target setting, education campaigns and programs, as well as prepare successful grant applications. Read more...

  • Debbie Cox

    James Laurence
    Based in Vancouver, BC, serving organizations across Canada

    Debbie has extensive experience leading communications and engagement for complex multi-stakeholder projects in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Building on a background in broadcast and print journalism, Debbie specializes in senior level coaching in the areas of strategic communications, community and stakeholder relationship building, issues management, consultation and facilitation. Read more...

  • Deirdre Goudriaan

    Shift Collaborative |
    Based in Surrey, BC, serving organizations across Canada

    Deirdre is a process designer, researcher, analyst, facilitator, and coach who has worked with all scales of government, and for the last 12 years has worked on contract with BC Healthy Communities Society and Plan H (Ministry of Health and BC Health Authorities). In this role, she has co-designed and facilitated the leadership curricula called ‘Growing Impact’—a two-day applied learning session for BC’s next level of healthy communities’ leadership. This leadership curricula was designed for local governments, Health Authorities, and their partners to facilitate increased health and wellbeing, and also includes an innovative coaching process. This curricula focuses on systems thinking, transformational leadership, collaboration, and adaptive action. She has supported dozens of municipal healthy communities’ initiatives by facilitating collaboration, learning, and engagement for healthy public policy. Read more...

  • Elza Seregelyi

    Elza Seregelyi & Associates Inc. |
    Based in Ottawa, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Elza has over 25 years of leadership and consulting experience, with a history of facilitating successful collaboration among diverse stakeholders. She has worked with all levels of government, education, professional associations, economic development organizations, labour, community agencies and the private sector. Read more...

  • Erin Waddell

    Lead With Core
    Based in Calgary, AB, serving organizations across Canada and internationally

    Erin Waddell coaches and facilitates pathways to success for individuals, teams and organizations. Over a wide-ranging career, she has been a successful accountant, educator, executive coach, researcher, project manager, public speaker, transformational change manager, management consultant, and leadership development facilitator. Read more...

  • Erica Crawford

    SHIFT Collaborative |
    Based in Vancouver, BC, serving organizations in British Columbia and across Canada

    Erica brings over a decade of experience working with local governments, organizations and non-profits as a planner, facilitator and coach. With a background in community planning and adaptation, she applies a deep understanding of change processes to the practicalities of policy, planning and community development. She is a certified Human Systems Dynamics Practitioner, bringing a keen understanding of systems thinking, pattern recognition and adaptive action to her work with collaborative initiatives. Read more...

  • Heather Gardiner

    GWA Consulting |
    Based in Victoria, BC, serving organizations in British Columbia and Alberta

    Heather Gardiner is a senior consultant with GWA Consulting, a firm that works with for-profit and social-profit organizations in Western Canada. Heather’s approach is to super-charge community connections and contributions, introduce common sense governance and policy development, and refine organizations until they hum. Read more...

  • Heather Phillips

    The Clarkson Group |
    Based in Mississauga, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Heather is an accomplished change management specialist with experience in strategic planning, cultural change and process transformation. She combines strong analytical skills with the ability to engage diverse stakeholders to help organizations and communities develop innovative solutions that make a real difference in outcomes. Read more...

  • Hilary Best

    Purpose Capital |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Hilary Best is an Analyst with Purpose Capital, where she coordinates a variety of projects in our Research, Advisory, Portfolio Management and Strategy & Design practices. Hilary has conducted research projects for government and private sector clients, and has supported the development of social ventures and non-profits as they prepare for investment. Read more...

  • James Pratt

    James Pratt Consulting  |
    Based in Victoria, BC serving organizations in British Columbia

    James Pratt Consulting helps organizations set direction, find agreement, and increase effectiveness. Our approach is client-centered. We address your particular needs and the unique context of your organization. Read more...

  • Jan Bate

    Victoria Life Coach  |
    Based in West Vancouver, BC serving organizations across Canada

    Jan has worked in the not-for-profit field for 3 decades. Her work has evolved through street youth support, environmental activism, women’s safety and emancipation, and the development of safe, diverse and thriving communities. Jan has over 10 years experience working as Executive Director. She has served on several Boards of Directors in the fields of social planning, community investment, addictions, environmental protection and the arts. Jan is certified as a Life Coach (ACC) and a Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC). Jan's education includes a BA in Social Development Studies (UW) a Certificate in Feminist Management (Justice Inst), and a Masters in Leadership and Training (RRU). Read more...

  • Janice Forsyth

    Foresight Management
    Based in Windsor, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Dr. Janice Forsyth is a facilitator, consultant, coach, entrepreneur and founder of Foresight Management Consulting. Janice obtained her undergraduate and Master’s degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Windsor. Read more...

  • Jeff Carmichael

    Life Quality Solutions |
    Based in Toronto, ON serving organizations internationally

    After a career of more than 30 years with the City of Toronto in municipal recreation and sport development, and having served as the Executive Director of the Toronto Sports Council, Jeff continues to work on projects that build healthier communities. He provides project and program support to several organizations including HIGH FIVE Ontario (a quality children's program standard of Parks and Recreation Ontario), the Canadian Sport Film Festival and the Aboriginal Sport and Wellness Council of Ontario. Read more...

  • Jill Andres

    Creating Value Inc. |
    Based in Winnipeg, MB, serving organizations across Western Canada

    Jill is a certified executive coach, facilitator and educator. She has significant experience co-creating multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral initiatives to bring about meaningful social change. This work bring systems thinking together with community engagement to empower groups to explore, test and implement solutions to complex challenges. Read more...

  • Judy Mouland

    Judy Mouland
    Based in Ottawa, ON, serving organizations in Ottawa and area

    Judy spent 22 years in the non-profit sector working at local, national and international organizations, making her way to C.E.O. Now, as a Coach, she is working with other non-profit leaders to introduce them to the power of coaching. Read more...

  • Julie Pehar

    Equity Vision Consulting |
    Based in Oakville, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    My name is Julie Pehar and I am an education specialist in the human Services field. I am the owner of Equity Vision Consulting, a company committed to assisting companies, non-profits and project collaboratives to plan, design and implement solutions to improve service delivery and enhance organizational capacity. For the past four years, I have been the lead consultant working with the Region of Peel (Ontario) and the United Way of Peel on their Results Based Accountability and Collective Impact initiatives. My role has included a change management process in the community involving conference presentations, key-note speaks and the opportunity to facilitate conversations ranging from one-on-one as well as, community meetings, community working sessions and trainings. Read more...

  • Kara Stonehouse

    Aha! Graphic
    Based in Ottawa, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    2009- Eco-Village Training, Findhord Scotland Principles and practices of building strong community and permaculture principles.

    2010 - Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability. Blekinge Sweden. Read more...

  • Karim Harji

    Purpose Capital |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Karim Harji is a co-founder and partner at Purpose Capital, where he advises investors on how to align their investment strategies with their social impact objectives. Karim leads the firm’s work in social impact measurement, which helps investors to monitor, analyze, and communicate the social impact of their investments and portfolios. With a background in monitoring and evaluation, he has helped foundations to construct and implement new tools and approaches into their programs. Read more...

  • Kate Potter

    Smooth River Consulting |
    Based in Newcastle, ON, serving organizations in the Greater Toronto Area (on-site) and across Canada (virtually or for national projects)

    Kate has worked with nonprofit organizations or social enterprises for 15 years. While her strengths are in project management and meeting coordination, her passion is in multi-stakeholder consultation and partner development. She has worked on several large scale partner projects including two large landscape scale projects including 20+ partners, a national climate change program and a national association with 18 member groups. Kate's experience has been mostly in the conservation and environment sector but the principles of multi-stakeholder engagement and working towards a common goal with collective impact are transferable across all sectors. Read more...

  • Kathryn Manners
    Based in Orillia, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Kathryn is a results-oriented, values-based executive experienced in strategic planning, organizational development, cultural transformation, leadership development and marketing. She has worked in both the private sector at 3M Canada and public sector with the Ontario Public Service, along with volunteering extensively in the nonprofit environment. Read more...

  • Keith Jones

    R. Keith Jones & Associates |
    Based in Victoria, BC, serving organizations across Canada

    Based in Victoria, BC and serving organizations across Canada, Keith facilitates and co-designs strategies and implementation plans on complex or wicked challenges involving multiple stakeholders who typically represent a diverse range of knowledge, experience, and sectors. Read more...

  • Kerri Klein

    SHIFT Collaborative |
    Based in Victoria, BC, serving organizations across Canada

    Kerri Klein is a learning specialist, facilitator, and coach who has worked for the last 15 years designing and leading collaborative planning and engagement processes with a wide range of sectors and communities. Kerri has a knack for working with teams to bring pioneering ideas to fruition through the development and launch of collaborative programs. For the last 10 years Kerri has worked through BC Healthy Communities to develop and facilitate innovative initiatives that support non-profits, local governments, and provincial public sector organizations to develop shared leadership capacities to address complex issues such as climate change, chronic disease, and poverty reduction. Read more...

  • Kit Malo

    Estuaries Learning Consulting Group |
    Based in Montreal, QC, serving organizations in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and across Canada

    Estuaries Learning Consulting helps organizations lean into risk and change, and supports social sector and government growth toward resilience and responsiveness. Read more...

  • Leadership Victoria

    Leadership Victoria  |
    Based in Victoria, BC serving organizations in CRD and across British Columbia through collaborations

    Leadership Victoria has been providing programming in all areas of Community Leadership development and capacity building for 15 years. We have recently added several modular programs : The Leadership of Collaborative Initiatives and Innovative Leadership using the principles of Human Centered Design. Both of these align very well with the purpose and design of the Collective Impact processes. With a number of senior facilitators we are able to customize these offerings to any group. Read more...

  • Linda Dayler

    Catholic Family Services of
    Based in Ancaster, ON

    Dr. Linda Dayler is the Executive Director of Catholic Family Services of Hamilton. She has a diploma in nursing from St. Joseph’s School of Nursing. During her 20 years in nursing she worked for the Victorian Order of Nurses and was a Director of Nursing in Long Term Care. Read more...

  • Lisa Watson

    Strategies for Social Impact |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Lisa Watson, Principal at Strategies for Social Impact, is a skilled strategist with nearly 20 years experience designing and delivering high impact strategic collaborations in the government and nonprofit sectors. As a consultant, change coach and facilitator, she advises on collective impact strategies, systems change, strategic evaluation and learning, and organizational development initiatives. Lisa draws on Innoweave's tested and user-friendly modules (including Impact & Strategic Clarity, and Developmental Evaluation) to support clients working on complex change across a broad range of social, environmental and health related issues. Read more...

  • Lynn Fergusson

    Social Impact Advisors |

    Lynn Fergusson is co-founder of Social Impact Advisors, which works with nonprofit organizations, foundations and companies to define and focus on the social impact they aim to achieve and develop the strategies and actions to make it happen. Read more...

  • Maiden Manzanal-Frank

    GlobalStakes Consulting |
    Based in Rimbey, AB, serving organizations in Alberta

    I have more than 15 years of experience working in the public sectors in Canada and internationally in areas such as strategy, capacity-building, evaluation and results-based management, and change management. I am currently a business mentor with several business incubation programs in Central Alberta and internationally with a world renowned Yunus Business School. If you are consultant, there is always the mentoring and coaching component when you are imparting valuable knowledge and processes to your clients. I do that as part of my consulting practice. For more info, please visit my website at Read more...

  • Mariam Larson

    Mariam Larson Inc. |
    Based in New Westminster, BC, serving organizations in BC

    Mariam Larson provides comprehensive consulting services for community change, with an emphasis on strategic engagement, developmental creativity, and integrated evaluation. She is a perceptive and pragmatic facilitator with more than fifteen years’ experience in building cross-sector partnerships for project impact.

    Mariam has worked with a wide range of government and community organizations to address systemic issues in health, housing, transportation, and safety. Recent work has focused on collective impact to reduce seniors’ social isolation; dementia-friendly municipal action plans; and initiatives to reduce homelessness. Read more...

  • Marija Padjen

    Marija Padjen |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations Toronto and Peel Region

    I am a passionate healthcare leader with over 20 years experience in the community sector. During my progressive career at the Alzheimer Society of Toronto, I helped guide and establish the organization as a leader in the field. I did so by focusing on talent development program innovation and reciprocal relationship building. I am a firm believer that collective impact provides organizations with a structured and positive force to dissect complex social problems we are all facing in the system. We are so much stronger when we work together! Read more...

  • Mark van Engelen

    Earth Educators Inc. |
    Based in Calgary, AB serving organizations across Canada

    Mark van Engelen is a Director at Earth Educators INc, a social business based in Calgary Alberta. He has 15+ years of experience in educating, business change, implementation, improving operations, entrepreneurship and creating and measuring collective impact. He has helped set up foundations and grow businesses through planning, strategic planning, measurements and optimising use of resources. Read more...

  • Michael Shaen

    The Acumen
    Based in Oakville, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Michael Shaen, B.A. (Hons), LL.B., LL.M. has had careers in politics, law, and as the founder of a consulting firm focused on public/private sector partnerships, before becoming a Partner at Deloitte where he led the firm’s practice in this area. Michael currently leads The Acumen Group, a firm of multi-disciplinary professionals advising non-profit sector funders and agencies on all aspects of collaboration/amalgamation implementation. Read more...

  • Michelle Colussi
    Victoria, BC, serving organizations in British Columbia, Alberta, and the Yukon

    Michelle's current focus is on training, facilitation and coaching related to organizational development (including social enterprise), community resilience and transition, and collective impact. She brings 30 years of experience facilitating rural community development that has included working in and across municipal and First Nations governments, nonprofit and business sectors in the arts, youth justice, recreation, psycho-social rehab, organizational development and planning and community economic development. She successfully facilitated a multi-stakeholder forest certification advisory for Western Forest Products over five years and was instrumental in the development of the Community Resilience Manual which has been used and adapted around the world including as a pillar in the Government of Botswana's Poverty Reduction Strategy where she trained local facilitators. Read more...

  • Michelle Reimer
    Based in Ottawa, ON, serving organizations in Ottawa and across Canada

    Over a 25 year career, Michelle has gained valuable organizational perspective as a manager, employee, and volunteer. Her early career began in the health sector where she worked as a medical technologist for a regional hospital and the Canadian Red Cross. Since then Michelle has held leadership positions in the private sector, federal public service, as well as, the non-profit sector. Read more...

  • Nancy Dubois

    DU B FIT Consulting |
    Based in Scotland, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Nancy Dubois is a professional Facilitator with over 25 years experience working in the social profit and public sectors. Her expertise related to scaling includes complex planning with individual organizations as well as collectives of various sizes, assessment of readiness (especially in the area of policy development & system change), facilitation & training others in facilitation, training in many areas to build capacity most often in those delivering programs, sustainability planning and communications & marketing to expand program reach. Nancy is especially skilled at the evaluation of strategies & programs to determine effectiveness & aptitude for continuation. Read more...

  • Naomi Leadbeater
    Based in Brandon, MB, serving organizations in western Manitoba

    Naomi Leadbeater has worked with non-profit organizations and charities in Manitoba for over 15 years in the Westman region on a variety of topics... Read more...

  • Nenad Rava
    Based in Toronto, ON

    I have been involved in social innovation and development for 20 years: starting with project management, training/coaching and leadership positions in an international youth organization (4 years); serving as an advisor to a Prime Minister on institutional innovation; founding and leading an NGO focused on local community development; and working for UNDP as portfolio manager and then senior advisor on public management. Read more...

  • Nicole Kovacs

    Kovacs Group Inc. |
    Based in London, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Founder and Principal Consultant of Kovacs Group Inc. holds a B.A. Honours in History, a post-graduate degree in Training and Organizational Development and a Master’s degree in Business. With 15 years of experience facilitating evaluation projects in the social sector, Nicole strives to develop evidence-informed strategies and solutions that create lasting social impact. Read more...

  • Petra Chambers-Sinclair
    Based in Victoria, BC, serving organizations in British Columbia

    I have over 20 years experience in the non-profit sector specializing in creating high performance outcomes for organizations in the face of complexity and scarce resources.

    As a member of the emergent Collective Impact consulting group on Southern Vancouver Island, I bring expertise and a keen interest in (1) Developmental Evaluation; (2) The application of complexity-based approaches to social change;(3) Working with self-organizing systems; and (4)Program theory. Read more...

  • Richard Pauls

    EcDev Solutions Ltd./Integral Strategies Network |
    Based in Calgary, AB serving organizations across Canada

    Richard Pauls is an economic development professional and an accredited Lead Facilitator in the Integral Strategies methodology - a life-cycle process for implementing transformational change. It clarifies opportunities, helps develop breakthrough strategies, defines the outcomes required to realize a strategic goal, aligns actions with outcomes, assigns accountability, prioritizes work, and provides a framework for assessing risk, managing execution and measuring performance. Read more...

  • Robyn McLean

    Tapestry Evaluation and Strategy |
    Based in Kamloops, BC, serving organizations across Canada

    I am an evaluator and strategist with expertise in collaboration, bringing together diverse groups of people, with experience in academia, non-profit, community, health, education, and criminal justice settings. Groups I work with are able to benefit from my background in evaluation to help clarify the impacts they want to see and how they will measure that impact. I am also a dynamic and respectful facilitator, adept at clarifying complex concepts, navigating disparate viewpoints, and identifying paths for action. Read more...

  • Ronna Warsh

    RHW Coaching and Consulting |  |
    Based in Windsor, ON serving organizations in Ontario

    Ronna Hope Warsh has participated effectively over the years in many successful community collaborations. In her last position, as Commissioner of Community and Health Services, she cultivated several new partnership tables that worked together to achieve important new outcomes. She has won several awards for this outstanding work which are outlined on her website. Read more...

  • Ryan Turnbull

    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations in Ontario and across Canada

    Ryan Turnbull is the founder and president of Eco-Ethonomics Inc., a Toronto area consulting firm specializing in social innovation, collective impact, systems change and sustainability. Ryan has led over 250 consulting projects with government, non-profit organizations, universities, foundations, and both private and public companies. Read more...

  • Sally Fazal

    Social Impact Advisors |

    Sally Fazal is a collaborative leader with broad experience in strategy, organizational design and change management in corporate and not-for-profit settings.  Sally is a co-founder of Social Impact Advisors, which works with not-for-profit organizations, foundations and companies to define and focus on the social impact they aim to achieve and develop the strategies and actions to make it happen. Read more...

  • San Ng

    Vision & Results
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    San Ng (BSc., MBA, PhD) is an organization transformation specialist with over 20 years of deep experience working with collaboratives to support individuals, families and communities with achieving optimal health and well-being. Prepared with a PhD from the Institute of Health Policy, Management & Evaluation from the University of Toronto, San brings a rare combination of expert knowledge with practical and proven approaches. Read more..

  • Sean Ferguson, ChPC RGP

    Sean Ferguson, ChPC RGP |
    Based in Heidelberg, ON, serving organizations in the Region of Waterloo

    Sean is a Chartered Professional Coach & Registered General Practitioner, who has worked twenty plus years in the: Sports, Parks & Recreation, and Community Services field(s).

    As a passionate leader, Sean has developed a strong and diverse background in the pursuit of creating inclusive and embracing environments, where Canadian children/youth can participate in healthy, active lifestyles. Read more...

  • Seema Taneja
    Based in Richmond Hill, ON serving organizations in Toronto

    Seema Taneja has been working in the social sector for over 10 years with a background in community psychology. Her passion lies in bridging the gaps between the system level pieces and the work that is done on the ground with clients. Seema has been practicing collective impact and its functions since the beginning of her career as she has always worked in a collaborative backbone organization. Read more...

  • Sharon Brodovsky
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Sharon Brodovsky is a social impact strategist with over two decades of experiences and connections working in private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. Read more...

  • Sonja Hiemisch

    York Sustainable Enterprise Consultants |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations in Toronto

    York Sustainable Enterprise Consultants (YSEC) is a student-run consultancy that provides a range of services promoting environmental, social and economic sustainability. The YSEC team is made up of graduate students from the Schulich School of Business (ranked #1 in Corporate Knight’s 2015 Better World MBA ranking) as well as the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University. Read more...

  • Stacy Barter

    BC Healthy Communities |
    Based in Victoria, BC, serving organizations in British Columbia

    Stacy Barter is an organizational, leadership and sustainable community development specialist who has worked for 20 years with a wide range of communities, non-profits, and public sector organizations in Canada and Latin America.

    She has co-created and led diverse innovative development and training initiatives, and has helped to build the capacity and resilience of numerous organizations and communities. As a dynamic and engaging facilitator and coach, Stacy brings a wealth of experience designing and facilitating multi-stakeholder collaboration, learning and positive change processes. Read more...

  • Sylvia Cheuy

    Tamarack - An Institute for Community
    Based in Caledon, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Sylvia Cheuy, Director, Tamarack – An Institute for Community Engagement leads the Deepening Community Practice Area at Tamarack. Sylvia provides coaching, leadership and support in the fields of collaborative leadership; collective impact and community engagement. She is an internationally recognized trainer and community builder and much of her work over the past two years has focused on building awareness and capacity in Collective Impact throughout North America. Read more...

  • Tom Berkhout
    Based in Victoria, BC, serving organizations in Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland

    I am actively working with a group of people in the Greater Victoria area to build CI capacity in the region. I participated in the first Innoweave CI workshop as an informal coach to one of the 11 groups who participated in the workshop. I am also registered for the June 16 CI evaluation webinar. I am currently working with the Victoria Car Share Cooperative to develop an in-depth business plan for the next two to three years. Read more...

  • Tim Burns
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations in Toronto

    Tim has extensive expertise in community development, health system planning, capital and social programming for seniors and other important groups. This includes over 15 years of executive level experience within government and numerous evaluations, operational reviews and financial feasibility assessments. Read more...

  • Warren McKay
    Based in North Vancouver BC, serving organizations across Metropolitan Vancouver, and the Central Interior of British Columbia

    A former entrepreneur and Executive in a large utility I have had over 30 years experience developing teams and organizations. Recently I have turned my focus to the environment and am the President of Cool North Shore Society (4 years). Read more...