Workshop Information

The Innoweave Collective Impact process helps groups of different community organizations apply the Collective Impact approach to a shared population-level impact goal. The process  includes two workshops staggered over a 4-6 month period, allowing organizations time in between the two sessions to build additional community support, and refine their shared outcomes goals.

  • Workshop 1: The Collective Impact Opportunity (click to open)

    Workshop 1 is designed to support a team of leaders from the same community (usually representing 4 or more organizations) who have committed to working on a common issue and have confirmed the support of a core group of organizations. Collectives will likely have identified their common population-level impact goal, and should be at the early stages of identifying population-level outcomes. The workshop will help teams of leaders to:
    1. Articulate and refine population level outcome goals that they wish to achieve;
    2. Develop a hypothesis of the activities required to begin achieving those outcomes (e.g. a theory of change);
    3. Identify how they will test (and improve) their theory of change;
    4. Build a community engagement strategy that ensures key stakeholders and other leaders are part of the change process;
    5. Develop a 4-6 month strategy to deepen engagement on the issue, and advance activities to test a collective hypothesis.

    The pre-workshop webinar includes important information on the key concepts which are used during the workshop. All participants are required to be familiar with this material prior to attending the workshop.

    Following Workshop 1, collectives will be encouraged to broaden their engagement across the community, seek additional data or information on the population level issue as required, and begin to develop strategies to help achieve outcomes objectives. Innoweave’s Micro-Tools include a number of resources which collectives may wish to test at one or more regular meeting, including:
    1. Target Group: Know who you need to reach through Collective Impact initiative here
    2. Theory of Change: Align your activities with your impacts here
    3. Value Mapping: Know the core values of your collective here

Following Workshop 1, teams are eligible to apply to Innoweave for Development coaching support. Further information about this can be found on the coaches page.

  • Workshop 2: Collective Impact - Conditions for Success (click to open)

    Workshop 2 will support community teams of engaged leaders (typically having grown since Workshop 1 to now include 10-20 community organizations working collaboratively) that have begun to work towards a set of defined outcomes on a population-level issue.  The exercises and activities in Workshop 2 build on Workshop 1. The workshop will help leadership teams gain greater clarity on how to:
    1. Reflect on emerging insights from the community engagement process they have implemented to date;
    2. Confirm and refine the population-level outcomes that they are working to generate;
    3. Refine the collective’s initial theory of change to reflect the growing engagement and resources committed by collective members;
    4. Determine the essential governance and backbone infrastructure required to move the initiative forward;
    5. Identify long-term strategies for programming or other activities needed to achieve defined outcomes.

Organizations that have participated in an Innoweave Collective Impact Workshop 2 and are clear on both the goals that they hope to achieve with Collective Impact and how they can use coaching to advance their plan will be eligible to apply for Planning Coaching (read more about coaching here). Teams may then also be ably to apply for a Launch Grant. Read more about the grant process here.