Constructive Engagement Coaches

Organizations that have attended an Innoweave Constructive Engagement workshop (or had an expression of interest approved) and are clear on both the goals that they hope to achieve and the assistance that they require for their engagement initiative are encouraged to connect with an Innoweave Constructive Engagement Coach. The following have self-identified as coaches. As they have not been vetted by Innoweave, organizations are encouraged to assess whether one or more may be a good fit to address their needs. (Note: coaches are being added to this list on a regular basis. Coaches can sign up here to be added.)

The following coaches provide services in English and French (please click on the coach’s name to open or close their profile on this page):

  • Carole Presseault

    Based in Ottawa, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Carole brings extensive experience advising associations and organizations in the development of advocacy and engagement programs. Read more...

  • Cédric Jamet

    Cédric Jamet |
    Based in Montreal, QC, serving organizations in Quebec and the Ottawa region

    I am a process designer and facilitator with 10 years of experience helping organizations (non-profits, institutions, municipalities, and foundations) reach their highest potential and amplify their impact through generative engagement processes. I draw on a wide variety of tools, approaches, and practices to support the initiatives and the groups I work with increase their awareness of the role they play in the systems they seek to transform and better understand their intended impact. Read more...

  • Marc L. Johnson

    Presently, this page is only available in French. Innoweave is working hard to make all pages available in both official languages.

    Socius recherche et
    Situé à Gatineau, QC

    Marc L. Johnson exerce depuis une trentaine d’années comme consultant auprès des organismes communautaires, conseils scolaires, gouvernements et universités. Préoccupé d’innovation, de justice sociale et d’égalité, Marc est très actif auprès des communautés francophones en situation minoritaire au Canada, mais aussi d’autres minorités à caractère autochtone et ethnoculturel ailleurs dans le monde (Palestine, Kosovo, Guatemala). Sociologue et communicateur de formation, Marc a développé la capacité d’écouter, de documenter, de transcrire les idées, d’imaginer et de guider les acteurs du changement social. En savoir plus...

  • Rebeca Sutherns

    Based in Guelph, ON, serving organizations in Southwestern Ontario and across Canada

    Rebecca is a Certified Professional Facilitator, coach and consultant based in Guelph, Ontario. Her business specializes in providing customized facilitation and coaching services to the community benefit sector, serving clients in health, education, social services and community development for 17 years. Read more...

The following coaches provide services in English (please click on the coach’s name to open or close their profile on this page):

  • Amanda Suutari

    Co-Design Consulting |
    Based in Vancouver, BC, serving organizations in metro Vancouver

    I am a coach and facilitator who works with socially innovative organizations in the service of leadership development, team building, and organizational change. This includes building competencies around communication and conflict resolution, as well as understanding bigger picture frameworks such as complexity science and systems change. Read more...

  • Annalee Adair
    Based in Kingston, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Senior policy, program, and project development focusing on community engagement strategies. Provide support to organizations in the education, culture, youth, community, and social sectors to design and sustain engagement programs with local, regional, and national reach. Expert in relationship-building using a collaborative approach to leverage ideas, consolidate efforts, and optimize collective knowledge and resources. Read more...

  • Ben Weinlick

    Think Jar
    Based in Edmonton, AB, serving organizations across Canada

    Ben Weinlick, MA is the founder of Think Jar Collective and lead consultant and workshop facilitator. In addition to Ben’s consulting work throughout North America, Ben has led innovative program improvements in Human Services for the past 17 years. Read more...

  • Charla Vall

    Prothos Research and Analytics |
    Based in Calgary, AB, serving organizations in Calgary

    Policy and systems change are long-term goals. As such, Charla is particularly interested in building the capacity of non-profits to integrate Constructive Engagement into their organization’s core repertoire of skills. Read more...

  • David Feldman

    Based in Edmonton, AB, serving organizations across Canada

    David Feldman is an organizational health consultant who focuses on aligning leadership, structure, and culture within organizations, leadership teams, and multi-stakeholder groups. As a facilitator, David has developed a practice around helping complex decision-making teams, such as boards and executive teams, to utilize their differences as the organization's biggest assets in driving their innovation and problem-solving. Read more...

  • Deborah Hinton

    Hinton: Communication
    Based in Montreal, QC, serving organizations across Canada

    Deborah is an experienced coach, consultant and facilitator. She works with her clients to help them deliver business results while creating significant value for the people that work for them and for the people and communities they serve. Read more...

  • Elizabeth Mulholland 
    Based in Toronto, serving clients across Canada

    Elizabeth (Liz) Mulholland is the CEO of Prosper Canada (formerly Social and Enterprise Development Innovations), a national charity dedicated to expanding economic opportunity for Canadians living in poverty through policy and program innovation. An accomplished public policy professional with over 25 years of experience, Liz has a track record of working successfully across sectors and a commitment to strengthening the voice of non-profit organizations in the public policy process. Read more...

  • Helen Ries

    Helen Ries |
    Based in Ottawa, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Helen Ries has a lifetime of experience advocating for social change. Most recently, using Constructive Engagement, Helen and the large coalition she built worked with government to effect one of the most significant changes to the Ontario Disability Support Program Act in over ten years. The change was an increase to the asset limit from $5,000 to $40,000 and a change from the $6,000 to $10,000 per annum limit on voluntary gifts. Constructive Engagement was the vehicle that made this change happen. Read more...

  • Jacquie Dale

    One World Inc. |
    Based in Ottawa, ON serving organizations across Canada

    Jacquie Dale is the founding partner of One World Inc, one of Canada’s most experienced firms in supporting effective engagement, learning and innovation. Helping people with diverse ideas and experiences deliberate, discuss and explore avenues for action and policy impact together on a variety of issues is a cornerstone of Jacquie’s work. Read more...

  • Joyce Rankin

    Shaping the
    Based in Victoria, BC, serving organizations on Vancouver Island

    Using inclusive social technologies, Joyce has worked with multi-stakeholder groups that include business, government and non-profits with an emphasis on community economic development. She has also provided 1:1 leadership coaching to community organizations and managers in various social enterprises in two provinces. Read more...

  • Judy Mouland

    Judy Mouland
    Based in Ottawa, ON, serving organizations in Ottawa and area

    Judy spent 22 years in the non-profit sector working at local, national and international organizations, making her way to C.E.O. Now, as a Coach, she is working with other non-profit leaders to introduce them to the power of coaching. Read more...

  • Katharine Cornfield
    Based in Ottawa, ON serving organizations across Canada

    Katharine Cornfield is a strategist, consultant, and social entrepreneur with more than two decades’ experience across sectors – from senior political aide and public service manager to non-profit founder and small business owner. With a focus on innovation and cross-sector collaboration for social good, she helps purpose-driven organizations deepen their impact, drive results, and make meaningful change through strategic capacity building, policy/program design, and effective outreach. Read more...

  • Maiden Manzanal-Frank

    GlobalStakes Consulting |
    Based in Rimbey, AB, serving organizations in Alberta

    I have been consulting since 2014 and in those years, I have worked with organizations that have painstakingly invested their programs and projects working with policy makers at different levels of government, decision-makers in the community and have integrated their strategies of policy advocacy to achieve real change in their fields. I have the experience in working across various sectors and agenda to enable broad-based support for key community goals such as diversity and inclusion, immigration partnerships that result to favorable outcomes for immigrants and welcoming communities, and health for women and children in developing countries. Read more...

  • Michelle Gold

    Cadence Consulting |
    Based in Hamilton, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Michelle Gold is a strategist, working with organizations and collaboratives to sharpen their focus, performance, and influence. Experience includes a decade leading public policy and planning in a provincial NGO. Michelle understands the dynamic environment in which decision-makers, service providers, and citizens co-exist. Read more...

  • Nancy Dubois

    DU B FIT Consulting |
    Based in Scotland, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Nancy Dubois has been a leader across Ontario for many years in engaging people in advocacy efforts towards policy development. This has taken many forms – written manuals and tip sheets, hosting webinars, leading training sessions, and providing one on one and group coaching for specific issues. The topics have ranged from tanning salon policy, municipal alcohol policy, safer bars, organizational food policy, falls prevention policies with the construction industry, workplace health, to tobacco control and active transportation. Read more...

  • Noah Zon

    Springboard Policy |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Noah Zon and Adrienne Lipsey are the co-founders of Springboard Policy. Springboard is dedicated to helping organizations advance their mission by engaging effectively with the public policy issues that matter to them. Springboard works with clients in the non-profit, public, and private sector to build their capacity to research, develop, improve, and communicate public policy. Read more...

  • Sean Moore 

    Sean Moore is Founder and Principal of Advocacy School and one of Canada’s most experienced practitioners, writers and teachers on public-policy advocacy. He has more than 30 years experience in public-policy and advocacy related to local, provincial/state and federal government affairs in Canada and the United States. He is a former Partner and Public-Policy Advisor withe national law firm Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP, a former president of what was then then Canada's largest government relations consulting firm and a vice-president of a Washington, DC-based public-policy research and consulting company. Read more...

  • Seema Jindal

    Earth Educators Inc. |
    Based in Edmonton, AB serving organizations across Alberta

    Co-founder of Earth Educators Inc., principal consultant workshop facilitator. I have M.Sc. in Sustainable Development from Haskayne School of Business. Read more...

  • Stanley Boychuk

    Boychuk Consulting |
    Based in Victoria, BC serving organizations across Canada

    Stan Boychuk has worked and lived in Saskatchewan, Quebec, Manitoba, Yukon and British Columbia. He has gained an understanding and appreciation of First Nation culture, relationship to the land and the importance of living in balance and harmony with place. Boychuk resides in Victoria, BC, working with communities to create substantive transformational change, providing avenues for creating success in current and emerging markets. Stan undertook a mission on behalf of UNESCO, to travel to Shatskiy Biosphere Reserve, Ukraine, to support citizen participation in the West Poliskie Transboundary Biosphere Reserve between Poland, Belarus and the Ukraine and to explore models of ecosystem based management to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Read more...

  • Stefan Koronyi

    Catalyst Change Management Group Inc. |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations in the Greater Toronto Area

    An individual experienced in leading and implementing large scale change management programs from the C-suite to all levels of the organization. With an extensive executive coaching toolbox, coaching leaders to realize new potential and identify specific actions to improve the quality, success, and sustainability of future initiatives, by ensuring that they properly incorporate necessary elements. Read more...

  • Tony Genco
    Based in Woodbridge, ON serving organizations in the Greater Toronto Area

    Tony Genco has a tremendous amount of experience in constructive engagement. He has worked with the private sector and public at all 3 levels of government to develop strategies of communication and support that connect clients to their needs and concerns. Focussed and driven, he can translate the language and cultures of organizations that will achieve your goals. A proven and experienced professional with over twenty years of public service experience and believe that with my background in organizational management, government relations, property management and sport and entertainment I can create significant value for your organization. Read more...