Joyce Rankin

Shaping the
Based in Victoria, BC, serving organizations on Vancouver Island

Using inclusive social technologies, Joyce has worked with multi-stakeholder groups that include business, government and non-profits with an emphasis on community economic development. She has also provided 1:1 leadership coaching to community organizations and managers in various social enterprises in two provinces.

Experienced in Appreciative Inquiry and Theory U, both social processes engage heart, mind and body to discover new ways to address key challenges. Joyce brings a sense of play, curiosity and openness to social purpose organizations.

Previous Constructive Engagement clients include:

  • Victoria Health Cooperative
  • WIN Cooperative
  • Victoria Shambhala Centre
  • Sea Isle Centre
  • CUPE Manitoba
  • Human Resources Management Association of Manitoba
  • Health Sciences Centre
  • Manitoba Health Research Network
  • North End Community Renewal Corporation
  • SEED Winnipeg
  • University of Winnipeg Board of Governors