Tony Genco
Based in Woodbridge, ON serving organizations in the Greater Toronto Area

Tony Genco has a tremendous amount of experience in constructive engagement. He has worked with the private sector and public at all 3 levels of government to develop strategies of communication and support that connect clients to their needs and concerns. Focussed and driven, he can translate the language and cultures of organizations that will achieve your goals. A proven and experienced professional with over twenty years of public service experience and believe that with my background in organizational management, government relations, property management and sport and entertainment I can create significant value for your organization.

I am consensus builder who is able to command the respect of all across all organizational levels in dynamic work environments. I am decisive and driven to make an impact and am effective at dealing with very difficult circumstances and delivering results that are quantifiable and consistent with organizational needs.

Tenacious and relentless and will not stop till the job is done in your service. I practice a collaborative leadership style that stresses inclusion and buy-in by team members and highly adept at working with large, diverse boards with a broad array of interests and priorities. A global executive management leader with a proven track record of accomplishment and adaptability.