Case Studies

Spotlight on Impact and Strategic Clarity Projects

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Organization Outputs
Barbra Schifer Clinic
Toronto, ON
Girls Action Foundation
Montreal, QC
North York Community House
Toronto, ON


Case Studies

This section contains case studies of organizations that have gone through the Impact and Strategic Clarity module. The case studies detail each organization's experience working with a Certified Impact Coach, and elements of the process they went through to develop an Intended Impact Statement. The case studies also discuss how each organization conducted rigorous analysis of their programs and activities, and refined their Theory of Change.

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  • The Arthritis Society

    Innoweave coach Robin Cory of Colbeck Strategic Advisors worked with a team of senior leaders at The Arthritis Society, including CEO Janet Yale, over a three-month period in fall 2014. Through this process, the team addressed their strategic questions through the development of a Theory of Change. The Arthritis Society is currently using its Theory of Change as a means to ground decision-making in a number of key areas. Most importantly, the organization is using the framework to develop evaluation tools that will allow it to determine the efficacy of its activities. Read more...

  • Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver

    The Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver's (EFry) involvement in Cohort II of the Impact and Strategic Clarity module gave its management team the ability to concisely explain the breadth, depth and reasons behind EFry's activities. EFry was founded in 1939 by a small group of volunteers dedicated to improving conditions for women in custody. Since then, EFry’s work has grown exponentially and is delivered by approximately 100 staff and 450 volunteers each year. EFry operates more than thirty programs that support women, girls and children at risk, involved in or impacted by the justice system. EFry participated in the second cohort of the Impact and Strategic Clarity module over the spring and summer of 2013. Read more...

  • Family Services Ottawa

    Family Services Ottawa (FSO) provides counselling services and educational programs to help children, adults and their families gain improved mental health, emotional well-being and social connections. FSO’s leadership team completed Innoweave’s Impact and Strategic Clarity module – a 6-month coaching process in which organizations clarify what they aim to achieve, how they will achieve it, and how to measure their success. Read more...

  • Furniture Bank

    In 2013, when Furniture Bank started Innoweave’s Impact and Strategic Clarity module, the organization faced several strategic challenges and questions about how to best serve its various client groups, how to set priorities and allocate its time and resources, and on which dimensions to grow. Its social enterprise, which covers 60% of its operating costs, employs individuals with barriers to employment and provides job training while serving its mission of furnishing homes. Furniture Bank engaged with Innoweave coach Robin Cory to develop a Theory of Change to guide the organization’s work over the subsequent five years and form the basis for its next strategic plan. Read more...

  • Girls Action Foundation

    Girls Action Foundation took part in the Impact and Strategic Clarity process in order to refine its impact goals and clarify how its activities help meet those goals. Girls Action Foundation is a national charitable organization that leads and seeds girls’ programs across Canada to build girls’ and young women’s skills and confidence and inspire action to change the world. Girls Action had three streams of activity to examine: local programs with girls in partnership with schools and community organisations in Montreal; a national leadership training for young women from across Canada; and supporting members of its National Network as well as other girls’ programmers with opportunities to collaborate, activities to share experiences and resources to help develop and implement best practices. Read more...

  • Santropol Roulant

    Santropol Roulant’s mission is to use food as an instrument to reinforce social inclusion between generations, through innovative approaches focusing on youth engagement, urban and suburban food systems, food security and community engagement. Read more...

  • HeartWood Centre for Community Youth Development

    HeartWood Centre for Community Youth Development needed to tighten its programming and think strategically about the change it wanted to effect. The HeartWood Centre for Community Youth Development is a nationally recognized leader in community youth development. Read more...