What are the selection criteria to participate?

The primary selection criteria are:

  1. Readiness to engage in the process, which includes having the internal human resources to participate in a five-month analytical process, time available to dedicate to the process, and available internal data on activities.

  2. Ability to benefit from the process, including having clear questions that they need to be answered at this time, and a desire to use internal and external evidence to refine their process.

We may also consider geographic and domain distribution among qualified candidates.

Who from the organization should participate in this process?

Your team should be made up of staff at the management level. The Executive Director/CEO should also be on the team, although they don’t necessarily have to be the “lead”. One or more board members are also encouraged to participate.

Where should an organization be in their planning process to participate?

This module will take organizations' management teams through a rigorous thinking and planning process. Participating organizations should be ready to reflect on their activities and desired impact, and to take action on changes that might come out of that reflection.

Because of the dedicated time that is needed by the organization’s senior team to do this work well, we do not recommend entering this module while there are other planning processes (e.g. strategic or business planning) underway. Organizations that have just completed a strategic or business planning process may still find much of value in this module, such as helping them to dig more deeply into how various programs or activities fit together, understanding the larger impact objectives the organization aspires to, or identifying better metrics by which to gauge success at the organizational level. However if you have recently completed a planning process that fully answered all of these questions, this module might not be right for you.

What is the cost to participate?

The value of this module is approximately $25,000, which includes the cost of materials development, two full day workshops, materials and bi-weekly coaching. The five-month team process is being offered to organizations at a rate of $12,500, which includes workshops, bi-weekly coaching and materials development. Additional expenses, as applicable, can be negotiated with your coach, and could include travel or additional support as needed. Funding partners are being sought to help subsidize participation. We encourage all interested organizations that believe they would benefit from the module to apply. We further encourage organizations to seek out funding to help further subsidize their participation in this module.

What is involved in the application process? How long does it take to fill out the application?

Each coach can only accept a small number of organizations, making this a competitive application process. The application form asks questions about your organizational capacity and context, and the type of outcomes measurement you are currently undertaking. It should be filled out by someone with deep knowledge about the organization, and possibly in consultation with other team members. Please budget approximately 1-2 hours to fill in the application.

You can view the full application by clicking “next” at the bottom of each page. You can also go back and edit your application as often as you would like. The reviewers will not see your application until you go through the stage of “submit application,” at which point further edits will not be allowed.

Will you be offering this module again?

Funding applications are reviewed three times annually. Applications are due on the first working day following February 1, June 1, and October 1. Applicants will receive a response within 4-6 weeks of these deadlines. To apply:

  • Click here and follow the instructions to create an application. 
  • Complete the application in full and please remember to click "Submit Application" when you are done