The Impact and Strategic Clarity module will help organizations answer questions such as:

  • How can we increase our impact for the issues we care about most?
  • How can we measure that impact?
  • Are our programs working together to create our desired result, or should our model be changed?
  • Should we work more intensively with our existing community, or attempt to expand our community?
  • Should we pursue a new venture, develop a new approach or enter into a partnership?
  • Should we deepen our advocacy or policy work, or begin a knowledge dissemination effort?
  • Other organizations working on similar issues have begun to alter their programs in a certain way; would this work well for us too?
  • How should we adapt our programs and activities to succeed in a leaner funding environment?
  • How should we think about engaging others to achieve collective impact?
  • What other new approaches, tools and processes should we explore, and how should we evaluate their potential? 


Through the ISC process, organizations will work to complete the key elements of the module, as directed by their coach. Participants will conclude the process better able to explain their organization and its direction to funders and other key stakeholders. The experience will also provide the senior team with a framework by which they can make future strategic decisions about the organization’s desired impact. The unique elements of each organization will dictate the products which result from this work. But, there are cornerstone deliverables which can be expected:

An Intended Impact Statement

  • Each participating organization will complete the process with a clear and rigorous statement of the impact that it will hold itself accountable for achieving.

A Theory of Change 

  • Each organization will be able to present a logical flow describing how their work leads to that intended impact being achieved. 

Organizations will also develop further products that are designed to advance their work on their intended impact in a manner consistent with their theory of change. Deliverables from this work may include:

  • A learning plan that clearly outlines the changes required for the organization’s programs, funding base, organization and/or staff, as well as a clear process for tracking impact
  • A business plan, outlining areas of strategic focus and how activities will align to them 
  • Forecasting or transitional budgeting documents for planning purposes, and products to support funding proposals
  • Evaluation, performance measurement, and program-level management frameworks  
  • Program-level Theories of Change, which flow from the larger organizational Theory of Change

As part of your follow-up evaluation on the module, Innoweave will ask you to share some of the relevant deliverables you worked on with your coach.