Juniper Glass

Conseils Lumiè
Based in Montreal, QC, serving organizations across Canada

I have supported several organizations in their scaling up/scaling out strategies, with a goal to ensure both strategy and implementation are grounded in the realities of the field, relevant to communities, and sustainable. By nature, I am a builder: my mind is always searching for how to expand or improve an initiative and how to gather the financial and partnership resources needed to support it. I know first hand as a nonprofit manager the time and effort it takes to grow programs and projects while working within limited organizational resources. Growth and sustainability need to be balanced. Together we will understand what the needs and opportunities are in your field, select strategies, and build a roll out plan.

  • Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership
  • 20 years experience in nonprofit and philanthropic organizations
  • Subject matter knowledge in: strategic grantmaking, social change philanthropy, youth development, girls and women's rights, violence prevention, environment, food security, leadership development, civic engagement, reconciliation.

Previous Scaling Impact clients include:

  • The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples
  • Girls Action Foundation
  • Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women
  • National Aboriginal Council of Midwives
  • Parents pour une Ecole Alternative dans la Petite Patrie