Melissa Innes

MPI Associates |
Based in Calgary, AB, serving organizations in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan

For more than 15 years, Melissa Innes has been working with government, community groups, and non-profit organizations in Canada and abroad. As a Project Director, she worked with government agencies in countries across East and Southern Africa, and in South East Asia to design, manage and evaluate a range of health, education, gender equality and public sector reform programs. After living and working overseas for a decade, Melissa moved back to Calgary in 2004 to focus her efforts more locally, and specifically on evaluation and strategic clarity. Since then she has supported community agencies, governments, and funders across western Canada to develop, implement and evaluate initiatives that achieve greater impact. Melissa has experience in outcome and developmental evaluation; research and program design; and building organizational capacity for strategic clarity, performance measurement and cultural change.

Years of working in complex and emergent circumstances overseas, required creativity, diplomacy and pragmatism. Melissa brings these qualities to her work in Canada where she supports professionals to apply critical thinking and evaluative rigor to their efforts to make social change. Over the past five years, she has provided developmental evaluation and impact and strategic clarity support to many Calgary-based organizations including: