Social Enterprise Coaches

Organizations that are clear on the business that they would like to develop and the assistance that they require to move forward (e.g., conduct a feasibility study, develop a business plan, etc.) are encouraged to connect with an Innoweave Social Enterprise coach. The following have self-identified as coaches. As they have not been vetted by Innoweave, organizations are encouraged to assess whether one or more may be a good fit to address their needs. (Note: coaches are being added to this list on a regular basis. Coaches can sign up here to be added.)

A full list of coaches which can be sorted for comparison purposes can be found here (please select the Social Enterprise tab at the bottom of the sheet).

The following coaches offer services in English and French (please click on the coach’s name to open or close their profile on this page):

  • Anthony Miron

    Centre régional de recherche et d'intervention en développement économique et communautaire (CRRIDEC) |
    Based in Hearst, ON, serving organizations in Northern Ontario

    Anthony holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from l’Université de Hearst and he has now been a research coordinator for over five years at the Centre régional de recherche et d’intervention en développement économique et communautaire (CRRIDEC). Since joining the team, Anthony has worked with many organizations, particularly non-profit organizations in Northern Ontario. Read more...

  • Brenda Plant
    Based in Montreal, Quebec, serving organizations across Canada

    An early leader in the field, Brenda Plant has been working on issues of social entrepreneurship, responsible investment, eco-responsible consumption, and behavioural change since 2000. Brenda is a consultant with Ellio and cofounder of, a public education site helping individuals mobilize private capital for public good. In an earlier career, Brenda worked in the community sector and is very comfortable integrating business models and social impact. Read more...

  • Christian Howald

    This section is not currently available in English. Innoweave is working to make all information available in both official languages. 

    Conseil de la Cooperation de l'Ontario |
    Situé en Sudbury, ON, au service des organisations de nord de l'Ontario

    Assistant de recherche pour Réseaux Connaissances, Synergies: Entreprises sociales, Économie du savoir & Communautés durables de janvier 2007 à décembre 2008: Recensement des meilleures pratiques en économie sociale. Entrevues avec les représentants d'entreprises sociales (incluant les coopératives) francophones du Nord du nord de l'Ontario, du Manitoba et de la Saskatchewan. Read more...

  • Eric Steedman

    Coop Interface |
    Based in Montreal, QC, serving organizations across Canada

    Over 15 years of direct experience as a leader in responsible investing and management consulting. Currently a member of the Coop Interface, offering comprehensive consulting services to organizations operating in the social economy sector, including co-ops, charities, non-profit institutions, and impact-sector businesses. Eric's practice is focused on social enterprise and finance. Read more...

  • Ethel Côté

    This section is not currently available in English. Innoweave is working to make all information available in both official languages. 

    Centre canadien pour le renouveau
    Situé en Ottawa, ON, au service des organisations de partout en Canada

    Depuis 32 ans, Ethel Côté a accompagné plus de 150 entreprises collectives, entreprises sociales et coopératives, de divers secteurs d'activités.  Détenant un Certificat universitaire en leadership agricole et en développement rural et un Diplôme de 2e cycle en  développement économique communautaire,  elle a acquis une solide formation en entrepreneuriat, en financement diversifié, en gestion, en planification stratégique et opérationnelle et en développement organisationnel sans oublier en communication. Read more...

  • Hugh Maynard

    Qu'anglo Communications & Consulting |
    Based in Ormstown, QC, serving organizations across Canada

    Hugh Maynard is owner of Qu’anglo Communications & Consulting, an enterprise with a mission to provide quality consulting services for the conception and implementation of communications, training and development initiatives, specializing in the area of sustainable development for agriculture and rural communities. Read more...

  • Jameson Jones-Doyle

    Confidence Driven
    Based in Montreal, QC serving organizations across Canada

    Jameson is an energetic, motivated consultant and coach with a track record of stewarding positive change with the goal of achieving greater and more sustainable impact. Read more...

  • Jane Snyder

    Jane Snyder |
    Based in Kitchener, ON, serving organizations in the Waterloo region

    The Working Centre has operated social enterprises for close to 30 years.

    Called 'Community Tools', these projects include a community bike shop, a café, a market garden/CSA, a thrift shop, a gently used clothing shop, a bikeshare and computer recycling programs. Read more...

  • Jean-Baptiste Sawadogo

    Leader One
    Based in Ottawa, ON, serving organizations across Canada and abroad

    PLEASE NOTE: this expertise applies to a few of Innoweave modules.

    Jean-Baptiste Sawadogo, MBA, BBA Sp. Finance, CPC, CIBA, is the President of Leader One Inc, “The Trusted Confidant for the Chairman, CEO and CFO”. He serves leaders in their desire to lead innovation, build happy wealth and live a life they love. He is a co-creator of “Results-Based Management” (now used worldwide, and most recently in Social Impact investing) and the creator of “Quantum Leadership for the New Human TM”. Read more...

  • Joël Marier

    Socius recherche et conseils |
    Located in Gatineau, serving organizations across Canada

    Joël Marier has a career spanning more than thirty years as a senior executive in the non-profit and charitable sector. Until 2015, he was the Executive Director of Hostelling International - Canada, a position he held for over 12 years. Since May 2014 Joel has been co-owner of a small, fast-growing tourism business in Niagara Falls, Ontario where he has worked with many groups and local authorities to develop a sustainable tourism strategy in the region. Read more...

  • Jovette Morin Gaudette

    Collins Barrow Advisory Services | 
    Based in Sudbury, ON, serving organizations in Northeastern Ontario

    Jovette M. Gaudette has over 15 years of consulting experience in strategic planning, project management, business process efficiency, marketing, finance and human resources management. Her motivational and action management style has led to building and retaining highly motivated teams while achieving organizational and project goals. Her experience as an executive managing a multi-functional consulting team has developed her leadership and team motivation skills. As a strategic consultant she has provided direction to her clients that increased market share, improved customer satisfaction and captured cost reductions through organizational redesign and performance management. Read more...

  • Julien Geremie

    This section is not currently available in English. Innoweave is working to make all information available in both official languages. 

    Conseil de la Coopération de l'Ontario |
    Situé en l'est de l'Ontario, au service des organisations de l'est de l'Ontario

    Julien Geremie est agent de développement au Conseil de la coopération de l’Ontario. Titulaire d’une maitrise en science politique (M.Sc.) spécialisée en études internationales (Université de Montréal), il s’occupe du développement de projets collectifs dans sa région de l’Est de l’Ontario en plus de faire de l’éducation, de la sensibilisation, de la recherche et de donner des formations. Read more...

  • Laurence Bakayoko

    Projektae |
    Based in Montreal, QC, serving Metro Montreal + Ottawa-Gatineau (Canada), Manhattan, NYC + Boston, MA (USA)

    Laurence Bakayoko is an expert in project management for social and solidarity entrepreneurship and international cooperation. She also specializes in the processes of cocreation and social innovation that are an inherent part of these specific projects.

    She holds a B.Sc. in International Studies from University of Montreal, a Diploma in International Trade, a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and a M.Sc. in International Affairs from HEC. She was also involved in two Ph.D. seminars to deepen her knowledge of new management perspectives. Read more...

  • Luc Morin

    This section is not currently available in English. Innoweave is working to make all information available in both official languages.

    Conseil de la coopération de l'Ontario |
    Situé en Ottawa, ON, au service des organisations de l'Ontario

    J'ai fait mes études en administration des affaires. J'ai par la suite perfectionné ma formation par la gestion des travaux que j'ai entrepris avec plusieurs organisations régionales et provinciales.  J'ai aussi accru mon expertise en développement socio-économique de diverses manières et j'ai accumulé plus de 20 ans d’expérience multisectoriel dans ce domaine. Read more...

  • Marie-Pierre Clavette

    Presently, this section is only available in French. Innoweave is working hard to make all pages available in both official languages.
    Situé en Montreal, QC, au service des organisations de partout en Canada

    Marie-Pierre accompagne des Réserves de la biosphère de l'UNESCO et leurs partenaires dans la mobilisation de leurs collectivités autour de projets communs innovants et durables. Read more...

  • Maurice McCarthy

    McCarthy Hawkes Consulting |
    Winnipeg, MB

    Maurice McCarthy has been immersed in the business world for his entire career, from structuring and running corporations to leading community project developments, as well as providing advice and consulting support to start-ups, expansions and structuring remedial plans for troubled businesses. Recently, he has also developed a special interest in assisting non-profit organizations with their development of social enterprises through overall business planning and analysis, with a particular focus on guiding these organizations towards achieving self sufficiency. Read more...

  • Réjean Laflamme

    This section is not currently available in English. Innoweave is working to make all pages available in both official languages.

    Tango RJ Consultant Inc |
    Situé en Gatineau, QC

    Impliqué dans les dossiers d'entreprises sociales depuis plus de trente ans. économiste de formation, j'ai été impliqué dans le mouvement coopératif canadien et international de différentes façons.  J'ai occupé différents postes de direction, dont la direction générale du Conseil canadien de la coopération et de la mutualité et du Fonds de stabilisation des coopératives d'habitation. Read more...

  • Simon Le Henaff

    College Boreal  |
    Based in Sudbury, ON serving organizations in Northern and Central Ontario

    Simon is in the hospitality industry and has more than 35 years experience working within it. His experience has lead him, along the years, to mentor-teach students and employees alike in order to help and prepare them to the culinary-business world. Read more...

  • Stéphane Guérard

    Presently, this section is only available in French. Innoweave is working hard to make all pages available in both official languages.

    Situé à Montréal, QC

    Stéphane a acquis une solide expertise en entrepreneuriat collectif en accompagnant depuis plus de 30 ans des porteurs de projet et autres entrepreneurs dans les secteurs communautaire et de l’économie sociale. Read more…

  • Thibault Bloyet

    innoXpedition |
    Situé en Montréal, QC

    Hors - Montréal:

    Bien qu'ayant travaillé pour le compte d'une multinationale (Decathlon SA), mon parcours professionnel s'est articulé autour du développement de petites et moyennes structures - majoritairement dans le secteur touristique. Vietnam: Microfinance appliquée au tourisme - Colombie: Redéfinition du modèle d'affaire d'une entreprise visant à développer son pôle 'écotourisme' - Argentine: Création et développement d'une structure hôtelière. Read more...

The following coaches offer services in French (please click on the coach’s name to open or close their profile on this page):

  • Germaine Chevrier

    Coop Interface |
    Montréal, QC

    J’ai développé mon expertise grâce à une implication professionnelle de plus de trente (30) ans dans différentes organisations communautaires et sociales. Depuis 2008, c’est en tant que travailleuse autonome que je leur offre des services de consultation et d’accompagnement. Fille de la mer, j’aime naviguer à travers les réalités et les défis des organisations en les aidant à tenir le cap pour se rendre à bon port. Ma formation en éducation spécialisée et en intervention me permet de bien cerner les relations interpersonnelles et de maximiser les forces de chacun pour aboutir à des réalisations collectives. Read more...

  • Pascal Billard

    (This information is only available in French at this time.)

    SOL-AIR Consultants |
    Situé à Alfred, ON, au service des organisations de partout au Canada

    Pascal Billard a obtenu son baccalauréat en gestion d'entreprise en France. Ayant œuvré dans trois continents (Afrique, Europe, Amérique du Nord), il a participé à la conception et à la gestion de nombreux projets visant le développement durable dans les secteurs de l’agroalimentaire et de l’environnement. Très engagé dans le mouvement coopératif, il a aidé la création de nombreuses coopératives et entreprises sociales, principalement dans le domaine agroalimentaire. Il est actuellement président de CoopZone, un réseau canadien de développeurs de coopératives, et vice-président de l’Alliance Économique Francophone.

    Cofondateur et directeur général de SOL-AIR Consultants, entreprise qui accompagne les décideurs des entreprises, des coopératives, des organisations, des collectivités ou des administrations qui sont impliquées dans le développement de l’agroalimentaire, du tourisme, de l’environnement pour réaliser des études de faisabilité, de marché, des plans d’affaires destinés à l’implantation ou à l’expansion d’entreprises. Read more...

The following coaches offer services in English (please click on the coach’s name to open or close their profile on this page):

  • Aimée Foreman

    A. Foreman Consulting |
    Based in Fredricton, NB, serving organizations in New Brunswick and the Maritimes

    The end goal is sustainable change.

    Being at ease with people at all levels and across sectors, Aimée has been successful in applying her business acumen in non-profit and government settings. Her impact has been recognized by being named one of the Top 50 Emerging Leaders in Atlantic Canada by 21inc. in 2013. Read more...

  • AJ Tibando
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations in the Greater Toronto Area

    AJ Tibando is the co-founder and CEO of SoJo, a start-up social enterprise based in Toronto that helps young people discover and pursue social entrepreneurship and turn their ideas into action. Read more...

  • Albert Brulé

    Pillar Nonprofit Network |
    Based in London, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    As Director of Resource & Business Development, Albert Brulé (MBA) leads the team for Impact Consulting at Pillar Nonprofit Network. With over 25 years experience, Albert has worked with a wide array of organizations in such areas as fundraising, marketing, nonprofit strategy, and feasibility studies. He has held senior posts with such organizations as the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, University of Alberta, and Fanshawe College. Read more...

  • Alex Gill

    Mendicant Group |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations in Toronto

    Alex Gill is a social entrepreneur who has worked on several social startups and scale-ups. He co-founded Ryerson’s social business incubator, the SocialVentures Zone, and serves as its first Director. Alex’s Toronto company, Mendicant Group, has worked on social issues in 17 different countries. He is a global advocate for social and entrepreneurial issues, having moderated the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance since 2010. In 2015, THIS Magazine named him as one of Canada’s “Social Justice All-Stars.” Follow Alex on Twitter at @alexgill for a mix of all things social and entrepreneurial, along with the occasional pun. Read more...

  • Alexandra Snelgrove

    Aperio |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Alex is a Senior Consultant with Aperio, a Management Consulting firm that has coached organizations on social enterprise since 1996. 

    Alex works with a diverse group of clients to help creatively address critical challenges, providing support in the areas of strategic planning, organization and governance review, social enterprise and earned income, partnership strategy, program design, and evaluation. She has worked with social enterprises across the spectrum, from helping non-profits identify and plan new social enterprises to supporting existing social enterprises with portfolio reviews and growth strategies. Alex is also a seasoned trainer and has designed and delivered both practitioner and university level courses. Read more...

  • Allison Smith

    Allison Smith Consulting & Co+Host Collective |
    Based in Queen Charlotte, BC, serving organizations in Northern BC

    Allison is driven by a commitment to the growth and development of individuals, communities, and organizations. As a business development facilitator, she has tackled issues surrounding collaborative leadership, capacity building, poverty reduction, rural economic development, self-employment, and social enterprise development. Allison has experience working with two community economic development non-profits, Haida Gwaii Community Futures and Momentum, as a Business Development Facilitator. She has supported entrepreneurs and provided business plan training as the Venture Accelerator and Women's Venture Start-up facilitator at Momentum. Read more...

  • Andrew Greer

    purppl |
    Based in Kelowna, BC, serving organizations across Canada

    purppl runs a community enterprise acceleration program that helps social entrepreneurs build predictable and sustainable business models. We provide access to structured coaching, business model development, project delivery, and an ecosystem of peers, mentors, and partners to help you scale your impact. Read more...

  • Andy Horsnell

    Andy Horsnell Consulting - Social Enterprise
    Serving organizations across Canada

    For over 25 years, Andy has been helping people use entrepreneurship for positive change. He got his start working in rural Nova Scotia, providing coaching and training to help people start their own small businesses. Read more...

  • Bill Locke

    Capacity Builders |
    Based in Calgary, AB, serving organizations across Canada and internationally

    • 30+ years experience establishing and managing entrepreneurial partnerships across sectors in collaboration with NGO’s, government and private partners
    • 30+ years experience conducting sector issue research, analysis, evaluation and recommendations. Read more...

  • Blythe Butler

    Atticus Insights |
    Based in Calgary, AB, serving organizations in Alberta

    Blythe’s practice focuses on change management, evaluation, and capacity building to support the development of adaptive learning cultures within organizations and collaboratives. Her current work is focused on the development of several collaboratives, using network analysis, developmental evaluation and change management to improve process (systems) outcomes, interorganizational outcomes and client-level outcomes. Read more...

  • Bob Prenovost

    Propellor Social Enterprise
    Based in Vancouver, BC, serving organizations in British Columbia

    Bob works with non profit and social enterprise organizations and their senior leaders to help them transform business strategies into projects and programs that maximize opportunity, minimize risk and add real value to a client’s business. Read more...

  • Brenda Richardson 
    Based in Ottawa, ON, serving local organizations

    Brenda has worked extensively in the social enterprise sector for over a decade. During this time, she has supported the development of a number of successful social businesses which provide a variety of services such as catering, groundskeeping, transportation, and recycling. Her work has also involved building the infrastructure to support the social enterprise sector more broadly in Ottawa. She is passionate about the value and potential of social enterprise and the role it can play in achieving social, economic and environmental goals. Read more...

  • Bronwyn Oatley

    Bronwyn Oatley Consulting |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada, with a focus on Ontario

    Bronwyn is a Toronto-based Social Enterprise Consultant, providing non-profit organizations with social enterprise feasibility assessments, business plan development, capacity building and research. Read more...

  • Carol-Ann Smith
    Based in London, ON, serving organizations across Ontario

    Carol-Ann Smith is a specialist in social enterprise & social innovation. Assessment of ventures and their capacity for economic & social impact. She is subject matter expert in business model options, starting a social enterprise and scaling an existing enterprise. Carol-Ann brings over 30 years experience in the NP sector with specific expertise in education, youth, mental health and improving the lives of people with disabilities, and community connecting. Read more...

  • Carinna Rosales

    Supporting Employment and Economic Development (SEED) Winnipeg Inc |
    Based in Winnipeg, MB, serving organizations in Winnipeg

    Carinna Rosales , Director, Business Development Services has over 10 years of experience in the non-profit and Community Economic Development (CED) sector. The foundation of her experience stems from family businesses, primarily in the hospitality industry. She also has international business experience, particularly in communications, market research and the development of export-market feasibility studies. Read more...

  • Carmen Reis

    Based in London, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Carmen has over 10 years experience in working with entrepreneurs and non-profits to help them achieve growth, scale, and sustainability. As a CMA-CPA with an MA in Economic and Urban Geography, she is the Lead Consultant for Reimar Group, and founder of The Social Entrepreneur - a magazine dedicated to highlighting the best of social enterprise from around the world. Carmen is an expert in business and feasibility planning, and is a member of the Canadian Evaluation Society. Read more...

  • Catherine Lang

    C. Lang Consulting |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Catherine has worked in management and consulting with social economy organizations for over 25 years. Through her consulting practice, C. Lang Consulting, Catherine partners with national, provincial, and community based groups with a key focus on innovation in community and economic development. Read more...

  • Chris Moss

    Chris Moss Consulting |
    Based in London, Ontario, serving organizations in London & Area, including some southwestern Ontario

    Chris Moss is a Social Enterprise Development coach in London, Ontario and has been mobilizing nonprofits to seek opportunities where they can make significant social change. Her twenty-two years of nonprofit work and volunteer experience have given her an understanding of the issues that nonprofits face day in and day out. Read more...

  • Christine McGlade

    Analytical Engine Interactive Inc. |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Ontario

    Christine McGlade has been working at the intersection of charitable program delivery and business model innovation since 2003 when she became the Director of Interactive and Education at TVO, a charitable educational media organization.  During her 9 years at TVO, Christine engaged with cultural organizations to help them develop new revenue models to decrease their reliance on grants and traditional funding sources. Read more...

  • Chryssa Koulis

    peopleshare |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations in the Greater Toronto Area 

    Chryssa Koulis, founder of peopleshare, is a seasoned non-profit professional with extensive experience in the areas of governance, strategic planning, fundraising, project management and volunteer management. Chryssa has successfully integrated the skills and knowledge she gained through achieving an MBA in Strategic Management from the Schulich School of Business and the experience she has developed from working in the non-profit sector for almost 15 years. She is a skilled facilitator, having developed and provided training to a variety of groups including boards, committees and at conferences. Read more...

  • Danielle Carruthers |
    Based in Calgary, AB, serving organizations across Canada and internationally

    With education in business and social entrepreneurship, three years commercial banking experience and numerous volunteer roles in her community, Danielle maintains a unique cross-sector perspective. Read more...

  • David LePage

    Accelerating Social Impact CCC, Ltd. |
    Based in Vancouver, BC, serving organizations across Canada

    David LePage is the owner of Accelerating Social Impact CCC, Ltd. (ASI CCC), one of Canada’s first incorporated social purpose corporations. Through ASI David provides direct support and strategic advice to the emerging blended value business, social finance sectors, and the related public policy environment. Read more...

  • Deborah Hinton
    Based in Montreal, QC, serving organizations across Canada

    Deborah is an experienced coach, consultant and facilitator. She works with her clients to help them deliver business results while creating significant value for the people that work for them and for the people and communities they serve. Read more...

  • Derek Pachal

    HIVE Management |
    Based in Winnipeg, MB, serving organizations across Canada and internationally

    HIVE - Community Management Services (CMS) was established in 2008 by Derek Pachal as a management consulting service to assist businesses and organizations to improve local social and economic opportunities. Read more...

  • Edye St. Hill

    United Way of Greater Simcoe County |
    Based in Barrie, ON, serving Simcoe, Muskoka, ON

    Edye St. Hill has four active roles in the Non-Profit world:
    United Way of Greater Simcoe County:

    • Volunteer Chair, Finance Cabinet (Fundraising)
    • Community Impact Council (Fund allocation)
    • Training and Consulting Services (We will be delivering Social Enterprise program)
    • Developing World Connections, Team lead for Tanzania voluntourism trips, which has helped me gain some understanding of the non-profit, charity world and regulations. Read more...

  • Ellen Martin

    SoJo |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations in Toronto, Ottawa, and across Canada

    Ellen Martin is the Co-Founder and COO of SoJo, a growing social enterprise that supports youth-serving organizations in developing and scaling their supports for social entrepreneurs. Through SoJo, Ellen has coached social entrepreneurs and developed social enterprise programming in both urban and rural contexts in Canada, Jordan, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. Read more...

  • Emmett Ferguson

    Eko Nomos |
    Based in Kimberley, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Emmett Ferguson operates Eko Nomos with his mother, Mary Ferguson. Eko Nomos has worked with hundreds of organizations developing and operating social enterprises on all aspects of training. Our consultations include organizational readiness assessments, idea generation, feasibility studies, and business plan development coaching. In addition to working with community organizations, we provide research and evaluation services to funders, intermediaries, and government. Eko Nomos takes a collaborative approach to its work, focusing on helping our clients realize their potential as learning organizations. Read more...

  • Frank Atnikov
    Based in Winnipeg, MB, serving organizations across Canada

    At the centre of Frank Growth Solutions you’ll find Frank Atnikov, taking care of business.

    Frank has over 30 years of experience and a passion to help people succeed.

    He believes that the right business solution is a powerful tool to help people prosper and help solve social problems. Read more...

  • Jeffrey Kish
    Based in Bayfield, ON, serving organizations in Southwestern Ontario

    Jeff is a seasoned business leader with significant experience in new product development, marketing, sales, and operations gained in the corporate, emerging, hyper-growth, and pure start-up environments. Over his career he has taken 6 businesses from concept to commercialization, he led a new brand and product development team in a multinational consumer products company. Read more...

  • Jennifer Mitchell

    Rural Roots Facilitative Resources |
    Based in Hillsburgh, ON, serving organizations in Ontario

    Jennifer has 14 years’ experience working in the nonprofit sector and has been an active volunteer leader of nonprofit organizations for many years.  She was project manager for a collaborative of the Foundation for Rural Living, Eko Nomos and C. Lang Consulting in their Rural Social Enterprise Project in 2010-11.  In 2012 she started her own business, Rural Roots Facilitative Resources, and is currently providing project management services to the Rural Social Enterprise Constellation. Read more...

  • Joanne Kviring
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across the Greater Toronto Area and Niagara Region

    Joanne Kviring uses her business background and strong financial and analytical skills to help organizations achieve social impact. Read more...

  • Joanne Lebreton

    Collins Barrow Advisory Services | 
    Based in Sudbury, ON, serving organizations in Northern Ontario

    I have 20 years of experience in the accounting and business field. I joined the firm of Collins Barrow in 1993 with an accounting degree and proceeded to complete my CGA designation in 1997. I returned to University in 2007 to obtain a master's degree in Business Administration. I also have approximately 8 years of part-time experience teaching accounting, tax and business courses at Cambrian College. In my current management/ownership role at Collins Barrow, I play a very important role in staff training and management. I have many years experience working with both for profit and non-profit companies. Read more...

  • John Baker

    Aperio |
    Based in Winnipeg, MB, serving organizations across Canada

    John is the CEO of Aperio, a management consulting firm that works exclusively with organizations (private and nonprofit) that have a social purpose. Our objective is to enable clients to recognize their most important challenges and opportunities, then create and implement strategic solutions to address them. Read more...

  • Jonathan Wade

    President, Social Delta |
    Based in Ottawa, ON, serving organizations in Ottawa and surrounding regions

    Jonathan is a non profit professional with more than 20 years of experience as a staff member, volunteer, board member, and consultant. In the last 7 years, he has provided coaching and professional consulting to hundreds of non profit organizations, co-ops and individuals seeking to start or expand a social enterprise. Read more...

  • Judy Mouland

    Judy Mouland
    Based in Greely, ON, serving organizations in Ottawa

    Judy spent 22 years in the non-profit sector working at local, national and international organizations, making her way to C.E.O. Now as a Coach, she is working with other non-profit leaders to introduce them to the power of coaching. Read more...

  • Julie Forrester

    Pillar Nonprofit Network |
    Based in London, ON, serving organizations in Southwestern Ontario

    Julie Forrester works with community organizations, businesses, and individuals to develop innovative solutions to complex social and economic problems. Julie graduated from Ivey Business School at Western University and leverages her business skills to drive community impact. She specializes in building sustainability through business principles and coaching individuals and organizations developing new social enterprise initiatives. Read more...

  • Kathleen Kemp

    Centre for Innovative Social Enterprise
    Based in Ottawa, ON

    Kathleen joined CISED after graduating from the Telfer School of Management with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce with a specialization in management, where she dedicated the majority of her university career to growing the social entrepreneurship culture in the Ottawa area. Read more…

  • Kathryn Manners
    Based in Orillia, ON, serving organizations across Ontario

    Kathryn Manners is a results-oriented, values-based executive experienced in strategic planning, organizational development, cultural transformation, leadership development and marketing. She has worked in both the private sector at 3M Canada and public sector with the Ontario Public Service, along with volunteering extensively in the nonprofit environment. Kathy’s real-world experience in the corporate, public and social sectors is both rare and invaluable. Read more...

  • Kaye Grant

    Reconnaissance Management Consulting Group
    Based in Winnipeg, MB, serving organizations in Manitoba

    Kaye Grant is an experienced business consultant, project manager, researcher and trainer. Kaye is the Principle Consultant with Reconnaissance Management Consulting Group Inc. in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Read more...

  • Ken Gauthier

    Urban Matters CCC |
    Based in Vancouver, BC, serving organizations primarily in western Canada (possibly Ontario)

    Hi There. I am the Founding President and CEO of Urban Matters CCC, a Community Contribution Company and social enterprise, based in BC but working across Canada. We work with community-focused organizations and entrepreneurs to develop meaningful and sustainable outcomes around intractable social issues. Many of our partners are NGOs and related non-profits, and as many are municipalities and First Nations and provinces.

    Our theory of change is achieving sustainable outcomes through social enterprise and socially-purposed ventures; using market forces to create change and—more importantly—maintain and scale it. Our experience and credibility has us leaning towards impact in the physical environment; in community/affordable housing, drinking water, local economic development, renewable energy, food security, accessibility and inclusion, and often within Indigenous community and municipal contexts. Read more...

  • Kris Mask

    Pinchin Limited |
    Based in Tilbury, ON, serving organizations in Ontario

    Kris Mask is a Regional Practice Lead with the Emissions Reduction & Compliance group at Pinchin Ltd. Kris has over 15 years of experience in environmental compliance including, auditing, environmental permitting, and management systems. Kris has assisted many clients, ranging from small owner-operator to large multi-nationals, successfully negotiate their way through the environmental permitting process in the Province of Ontario. Kris has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Guelph, and is a Licensed Toxic Substance Reduction Planner. Read more...

  • Kristi Fairholm Mader
    Based in Victoria, BC, serving organizations on Vancouver Island

    Kristi Fairholm Mader has been involved in the field of social enterprise since 2003. She was responsible for developing and supporting a number of social enterprises to employ people living with mental illness for the Canadian Mental Health Association, including cafe, catering and food delivery, and cleaning businesses. She was also the Director of Social Enterprise for Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN). Since moving to Victoria, BC, Kristi has been supporting social enterprise sector development in the region. Kristi is familiar and skilled with the development, launch, operations, partnership development and governance frameworks for non profit social enterprise. Read more...

  • Leticia Ferreira

    Social Enterprise Strategy |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Founder of Social Enterprise Strategy (SES), Letícia is fascinated by the transformative power of people and organizations. She has over 15 years of experience implementing and managing programs, projects, and events with a social impact. Her expertise includes employment social enterprises, business planning and strategy, project management and evaluation, stakeholder and volunteer engagement, capacity building and training, and institutional communication. Read more...

  • Lindsay Telfer

    Canadian Freshwater Alliance |
    Based in Orillia, ON, serving organizations across Canada, with a focus on Simcoe County

    Lindsay is a social enterprise mentor at Georgian College. With over 20 years work experience starting and managing non-profit and charitable organizations in Canada, she has built a sound knowledge-base for what it takes to start non-profit and/or charitable organizations, in addition to incorporating social enterprise initiatives within this sector. Additional experience includes designing and participating in multi-stakeholder consultations and negotiations, strategic planning development, and communications and marketing geared towards public engagement in sustainability solutions. Read more...

  • Lisa Lowthers

    Common Good Solutions |
    Based in Halifax, NS, serving organizations across Atlantic Canada

    Lisa has invested the last 30 years in community development in NS. Helping people envision and build business models that create a better world one organization at a time keeps her young. As the third person in Canada to be certified as an APEC-CBC small business counsellor in 1996, Lisa brings 30 years’ experience working for and with start-ups in the for-profit and non-profit sectors in Nova Scotia. She became the Learning Manager for the certification program training business counsellors across the country to improve professional standards while taking a client centred approach. Read more...

  • Lise Palmer

    SPARK |
    Based in Montreal, QC, serving organizations across Canada

    Lise Palmer (BA, BSW, MA) is amazed by some of today's organizations. Ideas about what organizations should be like are changing fast, and she is heartened to see recent trends and new innovations in non-profit and for-profit structures and strategies, and increasingly blurry lines between the two. Social enterprise is one such example. Read more...

  • Lore Wainwright

    Pillar Nonprofit
    Based in London, ON, serving organizations in London and the surrounding area

    Lore Wainwright is a social enterprise champion who is supporting emerging and existing social enterprises in London and area to flourish. As the Social Enterprise Program Manager at Pillar Nonprofit Network, Lore is helping mobilize a strong social enterprise support system locally, provincially and nationally. Read more...

  • Lorne Cutler

    LAC & Associates Consulting |
    Based in Ottawa, ON serving organizations in Ontario and Nova Scotia

    Lorne Cutler is a consultant and active volunteer with over 30 years of finance, engineering and training experience. Lorne specializes in providing consulting services to the not-for-profit, public and private sectors with a special focus on helping organizations understand the importance of financing issues. Without a solid business approach, a social enterprise will not be in a strong position to fulfill its social mission. Read more...

  • Maiden Manzanal-Frank

    GlobalStakes Consulting |
    Based in Red Deer, AB, serving organizations across Canada

    She is the CEO, President, and Senior Consultant with GlobalStakes Consulting, working with non-profits in the area of program development, capacity-building, strategy & evaluation in Canada and internationally. She is currently the Advisor to the World Fair Trade Organization Asia, which is comprised of more than 100 enterprises in 20 countries in Asia. She is also a Social Business Mentor with Yunus Business School, which helps social enterprises grow their ventures. Read more...

  • Manu Sharma

    Innovation By Design |
    Based in Ottawa, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Manu Sharma is a Managing Partner at Innovation By Design, an Ottawa, Canada, based agency focused on bringing a new set of design thinking inspired tools, methods, and knowledge to Social Enterprises to enable them to create and deliver innovation and positive social impact. In his strategic coaching role, Manu provides analysis, evaluation, design, and innovation of business models, and methods for customer insight to SEs seeking to improve their bottom line, achieve sustainability, increase their impact and/or start up new programs and initiatives. A global business executive with over 15 years of experience developing and executing business strategies in alignment with corporate objectives, Manu has led and worked with multiple entrepreneurial initiatives and established organizations while designing and building unique technology solutions, encouraging entrepreneurs, supporting community betterment projects, facilitating innovation relationships, championing social causes, and developing niche talent advancement programs. Manu holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communications Engineering, a Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering, and a Master of Business Administration. He also holds the Business Model Innovation and Value Proposition Design coaching certification offered by Strategyzer. Read more...

  • Marcio Coelho

    Based in Winnipeg, MB, serving organizations in Winnipeg

    I have worked with Not For Profit Organizations for over than 30 years, as an executive director and as a member of the board as well. During this time I was responsible for coordinating recreational, leisure, sociability activities and moral and/or ethics lectures and making contact with other Social Organizations in order to pursue objectives and goals. Read more...

  • Mark van Engelen

    Earth Educators Inc. |
    Based in Calgary, AB serving organizations across Canada

    Mark van Engelen is one of the Directors at Earth Educators Inc, based in Calgary, Canada. 15+ years of experience in educating, business change, implementation, improving operations and entrepreneurship. He has helped set up environmental foundations and grow social and commercial businesses through planning, process improvements and optimizing use of resources. Read more...

  • Marty Donkervoort

    Reconnaissance Management Consulting Group Inc. | |
    Based in Winnipeg, MB, serving organizations across Manitoba

    Marty Donkervoort is an experienced business leader, consultant and teacher. As the Globe and Mail has recently noted, Marty’s business career leads from Bay St to Main Street. Over the past three decades, Marty has held senior positions in private corporations, the public sector and in the social economy, most recently in Winnipeg’s inner-city North End. Read more...

  • Mary Ferguson

    Eko Nomos |
    Based in Kimberley, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    BES (University of Waterloo) MES (York University) and working on a PhD in social enterprise.

    Mary Ferguson is the principal of Eko Nomos. Mary has worked directly with hundreds of organizations developing and operating social enterprises on all aspects of training and consultations including organizational readiness assessment, idea generation, feasibility studies, marketing and business plan development.  In addition to working with individual organizations we provide services to funders and intermediaries.  Eko Nomos ( comes from the Greek root of the word economy which means ‘the effective management of the household and community’. Read more...

  • Megan O'Neil

    The Focus Company |
    Based in London, ON, serving organizations in London and Southwestern Ontario

    Combining strong entrepreneurial skills with project management and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Megan loves to work with social innovators to get things done. As a social entrepreneur herself, she is creative, practical, and organized, and specializes in executing on projects to get them to market.

    As the former Social Enterprise coach for Pillar Nonprofit, the Project Manager for Social Enterprise Southwest, and the former Executive Director of One Tomato, Megan understands the challenges that non-profits and social enterprises experience. Megan is currently focused on coaching and project managing social innovators and non-profits. She is a collaborator with Lean4Flourishing, Impact Consulting, and is an Innoweave Coach. Megan was awarded the Jubilee Medal for her work in the community, and was also awarded an Outstanding Business Achievement Award for Best Nonprofit in 2014. Read more...

  • Matthew Unger

    Matthew Unger & Associates |
    Based in Vancouver, BC, serving organizations across Canada

    Matthew Unger and Associates provides technology strategy, planning and implementation services to non-profits, government agencies, and companies looking for systems to increase their capacity to manage relationships. Specializing in Salesforce, Google, Quickbooks, Amazon Web Services, and Facebook platforms his team focuses on implementing easy to use solutions for streamlining the management of volunteer, donor, partner, funding, events, and programming processes. Read more...

  • Melissa Scaman

    Ingenuity Consulting Services |
    Based in Edmonton, Alberta, serves across Canada

    Melissa Scaman is principal consultant with Ingenuity Consulting Services. Melissa has approximately 10 years experience working with community stakeholders, governmental organizations, and non-profits to develop innovative solutions to community issues. Read more...

  • Michelle Cherot

    Inside Job Consulting Ltd. |
    Based in Trail, BC, serving organizations in the Kootenay region and the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta

    Michele's passion is to assist individuals and organizations to recognize and achieve their full potential through consulting, facilitating, training and coaching services. Based on twenty two years of business management experience Michele incorporates an analytical approach to problem solving combined with effective coaching skills. Read more...

  • Mike Rowlands

    Junxion Strategy |
    Based in Vancouver, BC, serving organizations across Canada

    Mike is an accomplished entrepreneur, consultant and leader engaged by mission-based organizations around the world to craft distinctive strategies and support visionary social entrepreneurs.

    He's an Ambassador of the Social Venture Network, and an Executive Producer of the annual Social Venture Institute. He is a member of the Leaders Circle of the ISIS Social Venture Incubator at the University of British Columbia, and an Entrepreneur in Residence at Simon Fraser University's Radius Social Venture Accelerator. As a keynote speaker and frequent workshop presenter, he has taught strategy, entrepreneurship, sector collaborations, branding and communications. Read more...

  • Nancy Wasserman

    Sleeping Lion Consulting
    Based in Ottawa, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Nancy Wasserman has been active in social finance, social enterprise development, and community economic development for over twenty-five years. Read more...

  • Natalie Falk

    Department of Innovation, Business and Rural Development |
    Based in Gander, Newfoundland, serving Central Newfoundland

    Natalie is a seasoned facilitator who has worked in the area of social enterprise and organizational development for over 10 years. Read more... 

  • Natalie Napier

    COIN (Community Opportunity and Innovation Network)
    Peterborough, ON, serving organizations in Peterborough and the Kawarthas, Central Ontario

    Natalie Napier has been working in the non-profit sector since 2004 with an initial focus on organizational development. Through her work with an established non-profit that has been running social enterprises for 16 years ( Natalie has come to embrace a community economic development perspective in which social enterprise is one tool to create healthy, complete communities. Social enterprise has allowed Natalie to unleash her considerable entrepreneurial spirit! Read more...

  • Nickolaas van der Velde

    Impact Consulting (by Pillar Nonprofit Network) |
    Based in London, ON, serving organizations across Canada, with a focus on Ontario

    Nickolaas van der Velde, HND, BBA – is part of a ‘new wave’ of business consultants, who strive to find perfect balance between community and business. As a social entrepreneur, Nick successfully implemented and grew several large-scale business endeavours in the London, Ontario area, including the Old East Village Grocer, a 5,000 sq. ft. grocery store that provides access to healthy, affordable food in an underserved area, while providing employment opportunities to persons with disabilities. To date, Nick has raised over $1.1 Million and his research, design, and work on several projects provided training and employment to 165+ people, over the last three years. Read more...

  • Norm Tasevski

    Venture Deli |
    Based in Toronto, Ontario, serving organizations across Canada

    Norm Tasevski is a co-founder and partner with Purpose Capital. Norm has spent his career working with and for impact-minded for-profit, non-profit and government organizations. Prior to Purpose Capital, Norm was a Social Entrepreneur-in-Residence with the Social Innovation Generation (SiG) program at MaRS, where he advised a portfolio of approximately 30 innovation-minded social organizations in topics ranging from business model refinement to investment readiness. As a management consultant with Aperio, Norm managed a portfolio of social enterprises, advising each from idea generation to initial market entry and capital acquisition. Norm’s career began as a policy advisor with the province of Ontario, leading multiple social policy portfolios involving social assistance, social housing, immigrant sponsorship, accessibility services and youth services. Read more...

  • Paul Klein

    Impakt & |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Paul Klein is a globally-recognized thought leader on the intersection of business and social change. In 2001, Paul founded Impakt to help corporations and non-profit organizations profit from innovative social change. He is also the Founder of HireUp – the world’s first job portal for youth who’ve experienced homelessness. Read more...

  • Ondine Hogeboom
    Based in Montreal, QC serving organizations across Canada

    Combining experience with her strong entrepreneurial skills and ability to build successful businesses in emerging markets Ondine, formally from South Africa has always aimed to affect positive change within her community or industry through business. Read more...

  • Petra Kassun-Mutch

    Eve-Volution Inc. |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Petra Mutch is an award winning serial social enterprise entrepreneur and startup/growth "been there" coach with particular expertise in feminist, gender equity-oriented ventures, plus food, environmental, and arts/culture sectors.

    Her coaching (one-on-one or enterprise teams) work takes a whole human approach, which balances enterprise needs and entrepreneur wellness. Mutch specializes in helping entrepreneurs establish strategy clarity, assess financial feasibility, choose governance structures, plus how to fund and structure operations. Read more...

  • Princess Alexander

    Alexander Learmond Inc. |
    Based in Mississauga, Ontario, serving organizations across Canada 

    Princess Alexander is a Growth Strategist and Coach. She is President and Chief Execution Officer of Alexander Learmond Inc., a strategy management practice that assists clients to grow, innovate and implement sustainable master plans. Princess seamlessly translates business expertise to strengthen not-for-profits’ capacity to innovate, increase efficiencies, program effectiveness, and expand reach while simultaneously achieving financial and social values. Read more...

  • Richard Dilay

    Richard Dilay Consulting |
    Based in Winnipeg, MB, serving organizations in Manitoba

    As the Manager of Neighbourhoods Alive! (NA!), the Province of Manitoba's long-term community-based social and economic strategy for urban revitalization, Richard Dilay has been involved in both promoting the concept and providing developmental funding for social enterprises for more than a decade (2000-2014). NA! assisted the North End Women's Centre to establish it's Up Shoppe that provides affordable gently-used business clothing to women (re)entering the workforce and generates revenue for the organization. Read more...

  • Rick Juliusson

    FreeRange Consulting |
    Based in Duncan, BC serving organizations on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland

    Rick Juliusson, founder of FreeRange Consulting, offers over 20 years experience in non-profit management, fundraising, training and facilitation. As a former Executive Director of an international development agency, Rick has successfully increased the organization’s budget by 250% (from $300,000 to $780,000), established planned giving and pledge donor programs with over 300 monthly donors, created a successful revenue-generating social enterprise, and secured grants up to $500,000. Read more...

  • Robert Lessard

    Recycle-Action |
    Based in Hawkesbury, ON, serving organizations in Prescott-Russell, ON

    Over 20 years of experience as a businessman, both in retail and services businesses. Read more...

  • Russ Christianson

    Rhythm Communications |
    Based in Campbellford, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Working together with the founders, Russ has helped launch over two hundred mission-driven co-operative businesses in a wide variety of sectors, including: food retail, processing, and distribution; renewable energy; education; culture; construction; forestry; and travel. He has worked with consumer, producer, employee-owned, First Nations, student, and multi-stakeholder co-operatives to help them improve their business operations and organizational governance. Read more...

  • Ryan Turnbull

    Eco-Ethonomics Inc. |
    Based in Toronto, ON, Serving organizations across Canada 

    Ryan Turnbull founded Eco-Ethonomics Inc. with the mission to develop socially responsible leaders and build a new, values-based economy through social innovation. Ryan has assisted non-profit organizations, universities, foundations, government, social enterprises and private businesses. Read more...

  • Sandra Hamilton

    Sandra Hamilton
    Based in Comox, BC, serving organizations on Vancouver Island

    With experience working with clients such as John Furlong, CEO, Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and Olympic rower Silken Laumann, Sandra Hamilton is certainly no stranger to guiding people and organisations through periods of intense transition. Sandra Hamilton is a Strategic Marketer & Business Consultant, who chooses to focus her work exclusively in the area of Social Enterprise, Social Innovation and, in advancing Social Public Procurement policy in Canada. Read more...

  • Sean Campbell

    Scaled Purpose |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Scaled Purpose conducts applied research, strategic planning, and program implementation for non-profits, charities, social enterprises, and co-operatives. We specialize in the launch of new programs and the geographic growth of existing programs, with a focus area of urban sustainable development. Read more...

  • SEED Winnipeg

    SEED Winnipeg |
    Based in Winnipeg, MB, serving organizations in Winnipeg

    Billy Granger
    Business Consultant, Business Development Services

    Billy Granger has maintained successful businesses in fitness training, research and consulting, and clothing manufacturing. He has also worked in the non‐profit sector for over 10 years, focussed on the protection of threatened and endangered species and ecosystems, supporting First Nations rights, and community economic development. Billy is also a founding member of the Vasa Cooperative, which was a worker‐owned company that provided above‐scale wages for unemployed or underemployed newcomers to manufacture high‐quality, environmentally‐friendly clothing and textile products. Read more...

  • Simin Foster

    Engageworks |
    Based in Montreal, QC, serving organizations across Canada

    Simin is a business development and management professional with expertise in business model design, go-to-market strategy, and partnership development, and a strong interest in social entrepreneurship and shared-value strategies. Leveraging her extensive corporate experience in senior roles and her entrepreneurship experience co-founding 3 businesses, Simin has contributed to the success of businesses and non-profit organizations across a range of sectors. Read more...

  • Tiberius Brastaviceanu
    Based in Montreal, QC, serving organizations across Canada

    My background is in Physics. I got my first job in the Silicon Valley with a laser manufacturer, as a laser applications engineer. My role was to coordinate a network of small companies, academic labs, and independent engineers to develop applications for a new type of high power laser. This experience lead me to understand that intellectual property is a huge barrier to innovation. Read more...

  • Trevor Benson

    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Trevor is an entrepreneurial systems-thinker with a craft for capacity building and knack for transferring knowledge. He honed his social enterprise development skills working with sustainable ventures in the United Kingdom, developing socially-minded businesses in the Caribbean, and supporting social enterprise in Canada. Read more...

  • Victoria Alleyne

    CatalystsX |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Victoria has been supporting non-profits/social enterprises of varying stages/sizes for nearly 15 years.

    Since Victoria joined CatalystsX, she’s designed and facilitated workshops for changemakers advising on: social enterprise 101; incorporation structures; financial literacy; mental wellness/balance; how to start non-profits; measuring social impact; and more. These workshops have been for 4 to 80 people, partnering with: Toronto Public Library; University of Toronto, George Brown College, York University, and Rotman’s social impact hubs; Northern organizations such as Sault Community Career Centre; and others through the GenIMPACT workshops program. Read more...

  • Ysabel Li-Lopez

    Centre for Social Enterprise Development |
    Based in Ottawa, ON, serving organizations in Ottawa

    Ysabel is an experienced professional with proven results in coaching organizations at all stages of development. Intrinsically motivated she has spent the past 13 years working with over 200 new entrepreneurs as a business consultant for both provincial and federal government programs.

    A born entrepreneur, Ysabel started her first business at 17 years old and since then she has been creating startups and selling the companies. Ysabel is a 2013 recipient of the City of Ottawa’s Immigrant Entrepreneur Award recognizing local immigrant business owners who have achieved success in their entrepreneurial endeavours and contribute time and support to making a difference in their community. Read more...

  • Yvette Hawkes

    McCarthy Hawkes Consulting |
    Winnipeg, MB

    Yvette Hawkes is a Certified Coach Practioner and Business Consultant based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. From 2002-2014, Yvette co-owned and sold two businesses – and has experienced all that ownership entails, including technical writing, invoicing, staff and contractor interactions, project management and systems/processes. Read more...