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Serving organizations across Canada

Finance for Good is a non-profit organization that was founded to empower social service providers to address social issues through the use of social finance tools. We believe strongly in moving from awareness to action as a social finance advisor, and deliver on projects that will produce sustained, measurable impact in actual operations.

Solving some of the toughest problems requires collaboration with all stakeholders – governments, front-line service providers, investors, those in need, and the local communities in which we live. Finance for Good builds the tools, processes, and partnerships required to connect these stakeholders and develop social finance in Canada.

We bring a diverse team of passionate, socially-minded individuals working towards sustainable social impact. Our team brings the diversity of expertise required to meet client’s various needs in developing concrete strategies to deploy and receive social financing. We have expertise in management consulting, financial analysis, governance, and other areas. For more details on our team and advisors, please feel free to visit our website.

Finance for Good operates across Canada from British Columbia to Nova Scotia.

Select descriptions of previous work include:

  • A was uncertain about how to act on an opportunity to develop social financing. An established environmental organization, they needed to develop funding mechanisms to support the development of their social enterprises. Finance for Good helped provide clarity as to the feasibility of such new relationships and provide a detailed view of alternatives. Finance for Good identified the costs and benefits of different sources of social finance and provided a detailed strategy for the development of the recommended funding structures for multiple initiatives.
  • A client was uncertain about the role it should take in social finance and, as a major community grantor, which of the organizations it supports could most benefit. Finance for Good was engaged to help identify the best aligned roles for this grantor to play in the broader ecosystem, and identify which supported organizations were the best positioned to make use of new social finance tools.
  • A client needed assistance in educating about social finance and impact investment. As a social enterprise boot camp working with a cohort of new entrepreneurs on developing their business plans, they knew that social finance was an important tool for their clients. Finance for Good provided work shopping on a foundational knowledge of the current Canadian landscape and emergent trends, as well as the specific mechanics of locally available investment options.