Joanna Reynolds

MaRS Centre for Impact Investing |
Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

Joanna Reynolds has been working in the area of social finance since 2008 with Social Innovation Generation and now as a Manager with the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing

Through her work with the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing Joanna can provide you and your team with coaching in the following areas:

1. Provide you and your team with an overview of what social finance is and how it works in a non-profit setting.
2. Work with you to develop your strategic plan for implementing a social finance solution.
3. Support you to identify investors and evaluate your investment readiness.

Joanna’s background is in not-for-profit management. Since 2008, she has designed and overseen the Social Finance Forum at the MaRS Discovery District. In her role at MaRS, she has provided dozens of workshops and consultations with not-for-profit groups across Canada in various sectors who seek to develop social finance tools, products or accessing affordable financing for their initiative. 

Joanna can share working models that others have used in their communities in the areas of local economic development, asset development, facilities financing and innovative ways to open, operate or expand a social venture.