Études de cas

This section contains case studies of organizations that have gone through a lab approach to tackle a complex societal challenge. The case studies detail the challenge questions and how each organization used a lab approach to advance their outcomes. 

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  • The Energy Futures Lab (EFL)

    The Energy Futures Lab (EFL) is an initiative of The Natural Step Canada, an entrepreneurial charity with over 15 years of experience helping organizations and individuals to understand and make meaningful progress toward sustainability. The Energy Futures Lab features three primary streams of interrelated activity:

    1. A Fellowship that engages 40 innovators and influencers from industry, government, non-profit organizations, First Nations, and other sectors and communities who play a role in Alberta’s energy system. See more at:
    2. An Organizational Engagement stream to share lessons and knowledge with an expanded audience including the organizations of the Fellowship and their partners. This is helping to create a support network to actualize the project ideas emerging from the Fellowship.
    3. A Public Engagement stream focussed on the emerging energy futures narrative intended to prepare the broader cultural context and allow for new innovations to be more widely embraced.
  • Kudoz

    Kudoz is the first solution of a shared lab, co-owned by three disability service agencies, and led by InWithForward. InWithForward is a social enterprise with a mission: to enable people to thrive, not just survive. They have set up labs in Greater Vancouver and Toronto to make, text and embed a new breed of social services that operate more like trampolines than safety nets.

    Kudoz is a learning platform for adults with developmental disabilities, designed to bring novelty and purpose to people's day to day lives. Adults like Umete can now book in-person learning experiences via an online catalogue and app. Experiences are hosted by passionate locals, business owners, and students. Kudoz is the product of over two years of co-design and prototyping, kicked-off by deep ethnographic research in Greater Vancouver. Over the next two years, Kudoz will grow in size and explore expanding to a next location.

    Who is involved?

    Kudoz includes 3 social service agencies, people living with developmental disabilities, their families, the provincial government funder, academics, and over 200 community volunteers. The lab team running Kudoz includes designers, social scientists, community mobilizers, and a culture keeper. Read more...

  • WellAhead

    WellAhead is a philanthropic initiative of the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation that aims to improve child and youth mental health by integrating wellbeing into school communities. The initiative was launched in 2015 after two years of research and design with experts and leaders across Canada. In its first year, WellAhead worked with six pilot school districts in of British Colombia (BC), focusing on prototyping and scaling ‘everyday practices that make a difference. In 2015/2016, WellAhead is working in BC and Ontario, with the ecosystems of educators, administrators, government policy makers, and community-sector innovators to identify system levers and opportunities, and to prototype and scale approaches to integrating wellbeing into schools.

    Stakeholders: Students, educators, administrators, parents, government, and community partners. Read more...