L’impact collectif
West Vancouver, BC

Atelier (en anglais)

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Innoweave partnered with the West Vancouver Foundation to offer a Collective Impact Workshop 2.

The workshop helped leadership teams of 3-4 (including board members) start to:

  • Confirm and refine the population level outcomes that they are working to generate
  • Reflect on emerging insights from the community engagement process they have implemented to date
  • Explore together the ideas of adaptive leadership, emergence and complexity and how this understanding can deeply effect actions and outcomes
  • Refine the collective’s initial theory of change for their initiative
  • Determine the essential governance and backbone infrastructure required to move the initiative forward
  • Build a community plan for your collective impact initiative

The Innoweave Collective Impact Workshop 2 builds on the Innoweave Introduction to Collective Impact webinar and the Collective Impact Workshop 1.

Participating organizations are eligible to apply for implementation funding in January 2015 to engage a coach to help them with development following the workshop. To learn more about Innoweave Implementation Funding, click here.

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