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Mesure de l'impact
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Cet atelier sera offert en anglais.

Innoweave will be hosting an introductory webinar on Impact Measurement on Wednesday, April 17th, 2019, from 12:00 - 1:00 pm ET.

This session will be led by McConnell Foundation Senior Fellow Karim Harji, and offer a chance to learn more about Impact Measurement in advance of the full launch of this module later this year.

This session will cover:

  • Innoweave’s approach to working with organizations around impact
  • An overview of key impact measurement concepts and practices
  • Highlight selected strategies and tools that organizations can use
  • Q&A and discussion

How we think about impact measurement

Impact is a term that is often used quite loosely to imply any type of change or progress; however, it requires a more nuanced treatment related to the organization’s theory of change - not only in terms of “proving” that there were positive changes, but also “improving” over time. There are many definitions of impact, but it typically refers to the intended and unintended (positive or otherwise) changes (outputs, outcomes) that occur across the organization (within and/or across its programs) and with its stakeholders (including users, clients, partners, etc.) over a period of time (short term, long term) as a result of the organization’s activities.

Measurement not only seeks to understand what changes occur when, but also why and how. Most nonprofits are familiar with monitoring (tracking short-term outputs and outcomes) and evaluation (assessing longer-term outcomes and impact) approaches. Impact measurement also involves organizing and assessing the evidence base (what we know, what we want to learn), and getting feedback from clients and stakeholders.

In this webinar, we will explore how organizations can situate impact measurement in order to both “prove” impact as well as “improve” their impact. We will introduce key measurement concepts and how they relate to an organization’s theory of change; illustrate how evidence and data can be used to describe changes; review different approaches to measurement; and discuss strategies to make impact measurement useful in practice.

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